Sunday, April 7, 2019

5 Online Stores You Can Get Delicious Snacks From

For the most part, snacking seems like a rather no-brainer activity that we do when we’re bored or need a pick-me-up. As someone who has a passion for food, there comes a time when it no longer does to just eat anything. Instead, intentional choices have to be made to be healthier, and this applies to the snacks that I consume as well. If you’re looking to make a similar change in your lifestyle, here are some online stores to check out for some delicious, guilt-free snacks.

1. Love Earth

Anything organic can usually come off as being quite expensive, but Love Earth is among one of the most convenient online stores to get your health fix without it costing an arm. Selling anything from rice to grains, snacks, seeds, nuts and dried fruits, Love Earth is almost like a one-stop store to get anything you need to make great meals and healthy snacking options.

2. Shopee

Yes, there’s more to shopping on Shopee than just household items. Stores such as Food Art Grocery, Mahnaz Food and Clean Eating Grocer have a great selection of snacks that are organic, gluten-free and won’t pack a pound on your waist. A little hint: Shopee is also one of the most affordable places to go to stock up your snack shelf. But if you want a little extra discount, use a Shopee promo code for more savings!

3. Signature Snack

Signature Snack boasts a range of premixed snack combinations to cater to different dietary requirements. Packaged in resealable bags, these are great to-go options to take anywhere with you. The store even has yummy, guilt-free cookies, and some of the most interesting dried fruits you can find - the dried orange peel and chili lemon are sure to hit a spot!

4. Shia’s Granola

For anyone who thinks that granola is just another sugar-laden breakfast option similar to the cereals we grew up eating, Shia’s Granola will make you think otherwise. 100% homemade, all their products are made with less oil, sugar and calories. This means you get all the good stuff, sans any fluff! Go for the loose granola if you’re looking to eat it as breakfast or for tea, or opt for the granola bars if you constantly find yourself in need of a midday pick-me-up.

5. Lazada

The next time you’re on Lazada, take a detour from your shopping to check out some of the healthy options being sold here. Brands such as Amazin’ Graze and Signature Snack are even available on Lazada, making it easy for you to get all your purchases in one place. One of my favourite things about shopping here is that just like Shopee, you can also use a Lazada voucher to get additional price reductions! 

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