Sunday, November 11, 2018

Texas Chicken Malaysia's New Big Deals 2018

Stretch your Ringgit further now at Texas Chicken Malaysia as the Chicken specialist rolls out its "New Big Deals" with prices starting from RM 3.80 (to RM 5.80). A tactical shift from its core product, the "New Big Deals" introduced by Texas Chicken Malaysia features Asian delights in Texas Chicken's unique way- a range of meals consists of 6 light dishes. The "New Big Deals" provides great return; dishes are offered in 3 main categories- Rice Bowls, Porridge and Mash Bowls... with familiar flavors from Thailand, Japan and Korea. This is especially appropriate to satisfy your Asian palates or simply act as supplementary items to complete your meals. The latest Texas Chicken "New Big Deals" is now available at nationwide Texas Chicken branches.

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Spicy Korean Rice Bowl (Rm 5.80)

Japanese Roasted Sesame Rice Bowl (Rm 5.80)

Chicken Porridge (Rm 5.30)

Spicy Thai Porridge (Rm 5.30)

Spicy Korean Mash Bowl (Rm 3.80)

Japanese Mash Bowl (Rm 3.80)

Get the best of both worlds- Rice and Fried Chicken in Texas Chicken's Rice Bowl series... available in 2 choices- Spicy Korean Rice Bowl and Japanese Roasted Sesame Rice Bowl. The former choice would please any hard-core Korean fans with its sweet and spicy sauce (like liquid form of Gochujang sauce), drizzled over crispy, crunchy Fried Chicken and served with some crunchy greens; the latter option features Fried Chicken atop of flavored Rice with a splash of Japanese Goma sauce, slightly sweet but together with the greens, the also dish feels like a healthy Salad-Rice bowl! 

For those who prefer soft-liquid food, the Chicken Porridge is a safe option... with Chicken cubes served in piping hot Congee... tastes exactly like those home-made ones! But if you are feeling a little playful and adventurous, go for their Spicy Thai Porridge. The sprinkles over the Porridge are the souls of the dish... with bold, familiar Tom Yum flavor from our neighboring country; though it has a mild spicy kick but it is not that strong... suitable for those with lower heat-tolerance level. 

Mashed Potato lovers are not forsaken, there are 2 new Mash Bowls under the "New Big Deals" promotion- Spicy Korean Mash Bowl and Japanese Mash Bowl. The toppings are pretty much similar to the Rice Bowls except the Rice is replaced with creamy mashed Potatoes. The mini portion is suitable to be taken as sides in lieu of mains (you still have valid reasons to go for their big piece Fried Chicken).

Visit your nearest Texas Chicken outlets and check out these latest promotions! Only available for a limited time, while stocks last.

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