Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sudio Tre Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Convenience is everything in this fast-paced world and if you are one of those who find wired earphones a nuisance, you should check out Sudio Tre. Sudio, a Swedish brand known for its premium Bluetooth earphones and headphones with studio-quality sound; their designs are mostly simple and minimalist. It's one of the best gadgets you can own for music-on-the-go at a wallet-friendly price tag. It works perfectly fine even if you are exercising or partaking in any active events. The sleek design makes it easy for storage and the battery life is strong enough to last for 9 hours.

Own one now and enjoy 15% discount by using 'KEN' as a discount code (normal price: RM 409). Visit their website at The discount is valid on all of their products. For now, Sudio Sweden is having special promotion- purchase the Sudio Tre and a FREE Sudio Tote Bag will be given as well as free delivery to your doorstep. 

Many Thanks to Sudio for the treat. 

Sudio Tre

The whole purchasing process is easy and hassle-free, simply place your order online at (with payment made). A notification will be sent to you to notify on your purchase, delivery information will then be sent over soon. The items are safely tucked in a box with good protection.

What comes with the box:
  • The earphones (available in 4 colors- Black, Classic Blue, Pink and White)
  • A leather case
  • 3 pairs of Earbud tips in different sizes
  • Owner's manual
  • Sudio Guarantee Card
  • Charging Cable
  • Metal Clip

The additional Earbud tips allow users to change the sizes according to your comfort (size). The light-weight design (approximately 35 grams in weight) maximizes comfort and you would not feel a burden putting them on. The texture is sleek with smooth rubber surface. The Bluetooth coverage range is 15 meter with 9-hour active battery life (10 days on standby). A full charge would take 120 minutes though.

Sudio Tre is compatible with Apple and Android. It runs under Bluetooth 4.1 and offers 15.2 mm dynamic speaker; it responds to 20 Hz to 20 kHz of frequencies as well. Setting up the device is easy... with full directions available on the manual. Simply turn on the Bluetooth and press-hold the second button for 7 seconds (until the light turns red). Connect Sudio Tre and your device via Bluetooth and start enjoying. The sound quality is good and better than most average earphones I reckon.

Sudio Guarantee Card

Sudio Leather Case

Definitely good for those in active lifestyle or merely the fact that you dislike to be entwined in wires. The free Tote Bag and free delivery (and discount promo codes) makes a valid reason to reward your loved ones. 

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