Saturday, September 30, 2017

John Walker & Sons XR 21 Launches the XR 21 Mastery

One of the biggest names of Scotch Whisky- John Walker and Sons XR 21 recently launched its latest platform- XR 21 Mastery in Penang, a yearly indulging experience that sets to offer rarity in state-of-the-art craftsmanship of local delights in Malaysia while exploring every drop of the John Walker & Sons XR 21. The exclusive annual by-invitation gastronomical event gathered many successful and reputable Malaysians in their own industries as well as whisky and culinary connoisseurs alike to discover the taste of rarity not just about the Whisky but also the ingredients used in crafting the perfect dish to pair with. Two talented Penang Chefs were selected to showcase their skills in intensifying and revolutionizing the flavors to a whole new gastronomical magnitude. The XR 21 Mastery- Penang Chapter 2017 was held at the century old heritage building- Khoo Kongsi Penang in late September 2017.

Many Thanks to Diageo for hosting us that evening.

John Walker & Sons XR 21 Blended Scotch Whisky

About John Walker & Sons XR 21

Exclusive to Asia, the John Walker & Sons XR 21 was created to honor a special occasion whereby Sir Alexander Walker (John Walker's Grandson) was appointed as a Knight Commander (British knighthood) of the Order by the British Empire by King George V in 1920, commemorating his outstanding leadership and service to his king and country. It contains Whiskies that are aged for a minimum of 21 years and drawn from extremely rare Johnnie Walker reserves.

Color: Golden, Orange Amber.
Nose: Orange zest emulsified in mild spice, a cross between pungent summer flowers and ripened fruits fill the senses. Citrus notes meld with Pistachio Hazelnut Nougat. Bulrushes dipped in Caramel arrive in a coach of Maple Syrup and Honey.
Taste: Subtle notes of spiced Vanilla, a sweet hint of Honey and smoke wrapped in soothing spice.
Finish: Smooth finish

Tiger Prawn Kerabu

Chicken Ravioli

Seared Barramundi

Ambar Tree

The 4-course dinner started off with Chef Spider's Tiger Prawn Kerabu- a spicy-tangy Mango Salad with various of Herbs and pickled Fruits gave the taste buds a wake up call; the Tiger Prawn was fresh and succulent, a beautiful start to the ensuing feast. The Chicken Ravioli with clear Lemongrass Soup was a little playful. The Soup possessed bold Lemongrass flavor backed by strong Ginger essence but barely seasoned, just as we sank our teeth in the Ravioli, we were delighted to find out there were Cheese in the filling. The overall combination was new for us but we thought it was alright. 

Diners had a choice between Lamb or Fish, we had the latter one. The pan seared Barramundi was topped with Chili bowl and preserved Soya Bean, Garlic Potato Puree and some greens. The Fish had a pleasant bite but the overall combo did not leave us a very deep impression, perhaps a little over-shadowed by the spiced-fruity Scotch Whisky. 

The highlight of the evening was the sweet treat proudly presented by Chef Jeffrey. Alcohol-infused fruits encased in Early-Grey and Amra fruit-infused Dark Chocolate. The overall flavor-combination was beyond amazing, the sweetness was brilliantly balanced with a mild hint of bitterness.

Chef Spider Kong from Soul Food Penang

Chef Jeffrey from Metisser Patisserie Penang


  1. John Walker? Related to Johnny Walker, born in 1819, still going strong?

  2. ...Oooppsss!!! I mean, Johnnie!