Monday, May 8, 2017

The Ais @ Chulia Street, Georgetown, Penang.

With sultry hot tropical weather all year long, it should be no surprise that Penang is swimming with amazing Ice Cream. The endless sweltering heat in Penang means non-stop cravings for a good serving of the icy sweet treat but forget the commercial ersatz brands that offer either Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream. For 4 years (since end of 2013), The Ais has been quietly serving some of the most delicate and healthy artisan Ice Cream in town. Co-founders Jonathan and Lydia's belief in healthy-eating cemented the core principal of The Ais; all products are made with care and low sugar content. The Ais was merely an online business but has since established its brick and mortar outlet in Pulau Tikus earlier (attached with an organic shop). In March 2017, It has now moved into a new location at Chulia Street and offering more options to its patrons. With more than 40 flavors available (not your usual boring flavors), there will be at least 3 alcohol-based Ice Cream and 16 types of Ice Cream on offer at all times (on rotation basis- you might not get some flavors on certain days); for those who concern, Vegan Ice Cream is also available. 

Many Thanks to The Ais for hosting us that afternoon.

Matcha Lover- Matcha Ice Cream with Waffle (Rm 15.90)

Snow White/ Gao Liang Ice Cream (Rm 8.90/ scoop) and Rum & Raisins (Rm 8.90/ scoop)

Charcoal Cheese (Rm 8.90/ scoop)

Waffles are some of the new items offered by The Ais, we opted for a safer option- Matcha Lover... with plain Waffle topped with a scoop of Matcha Ice Cream. The Ice Cream possessed the quintessential Matcha element but not as bold as we would have hoped. The Waffle was ordinary and got soggy quick; to be frank, it was an ordinary offering. 

While we were slightly underwhelmed with the Matcha Ice Cream, we were presented with some crazy-inventive alcohol-based flavors- Snow White/ Gao Liang Ice Cream and Rum & Raisins. The scoop of Gao Liang Ice Cream was so decadent that it struck the palate with a strong alcohol punch followed by a mellow-sleek sweetness, leaving the throat with a slight alcohol-burning sensation. The sweetness was expertly balanced, probably due to the bitterness nature of the alcohol. For those who prefer softer alcohol, the Rum & Raisins would be the perfect choice.

If you are not a fan of alcohol but neither fancy the stereotype classic flavors, go for the Charcoal Cheese. It was probably one of the best Ice Creams we've ever had. The milky element was mild but in return, it carried a sleek salinity and a peculiar but fun cheesy-after taste. The sweetness was counter-balanced by the saltiness. This is definitely one of the flavors that you will likely feel compelled to buy a pint or two in case future cravings strike.

Masterminds behind The Ais- Jonathan (left) and Lydia (right)

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No
Address: 473, Lebuh Chulia, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 2 pm to 10 pm. Closed on Mondays.
Contact Number: 6016- 722 3843


  1. I guess we can go for the ice cream. No more waffles for us, not gluten free.

  2. Ice cream sounds good, but I'm ready for the waffle craze to be over.

  3. The Gao Liang ice cream, will drunken after savouring it or not? LOL