Friday, February 10, 2017

Penang's Latest Attractions- Jurassic Research Center and Rainbow Skywalk @ The TOP, KOMTAR.

In the effort of revamping and restoring the past glory the iconic skyscraper of Penang- Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR), Only World Group (OWG) initiated the project- "The TOP" with the philosophy of "Fun, Food and Good Living". The project includes an introduction of a spate of F&B outlets, indoor and outdoor theme parks but one of the greatest highlights of the project is to have 3 additional floors added to the originally 65-storey skyscraper, increasing its height to 249 meters. "Jurassic Research Center", "Rainbow Skywalk", "Magic Mirror Maze", "Jelly Bump Bumper Cars", "Dragon Regatta", "Dino Gym", "7D Discovery Motion Theater", "Ocean Explorer", "Tech Dome Penang" are some of its attractions and rest-assured, there will be something suitable for visitors of all age groups. For more information, please follow The TOP's Facebook Page or email your inquiry to

Many Thanks to The TOP and WIN Creative Marketing for arranging the tour.

Jurassic Research Center
Admission (Standard Rates): Rm 58/ adult and Rm 48/ child 
Admission (MyKad Rates): Rm 48/ adult and Rm 38/ child
Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm. Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 262 3800

A step into the past and explore the wonders of Mesozoic era- all gigantic reptiles were brought alive and be mesmerized of the seemingly real visual effects. The Jurassic Research Center houses more than 200 back-to-life dinosaurs; there are dedicated guides to walk you through and brief explanation will be given for those who require. Interactive activities are included for the younger members in the family to partake; drama is occasionally introduced to increase the excitement.

Visitors intend to visit the Jurassic Research Center must purchase their tickets at the ticketing counter on Level 5, KOMTAR (the entrance of The TOP). The entrance to the Jurassic Research Center is located right next to Marry Brown on the same floor. 

Explanation by 'Dr.' Harith Iskander

The entrance to the Jurassic Research Center

Dinosaur Fossils on display

A little drama before proceeding to the "park"

Fossil Excavation Site

'Rex-trodinary' walk on the park and 'Brach-taking' scenery

Window of the TOP- Rainbow Skywalk (Level 68) and Observatory Deck (Level 65)
Admission (Standard Rates): Rm 118/ adult and Rm 88/ child 
Admission (MyKad Rates): Rm 88/ adult and Rm 58/ child
Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm. Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 262 3800

Possibly the only vantage point that offers sweeping panoramic view over the charming heritage city- Georgetown. The faint-hearted can take a leisure stroll at the air-conditioned Observatory Deck (on Level 65) for a 360 degree view on The Pearl of the Orient while the adventurous can challenge themselves to a quick fear-factor The TOP version at Level 68- Rainbow Skywalk. Concur your fear for heights at the glass walkway and stand above the bustling city. Be mindful and 'Watch Your Steps!'

On the same floor, visits can find the "World's Luckiest Chair" with two rays of rainbows that arch into a pot of gold. You may also throw in some coins to 'ring the bell', such action symbolizes a call of wealth and prosperity. To add on the atmosphere, there's "Orchestra of Dreams"... which plays a medley of celebratory melodies. The best time to visit would be in the evening, just before the sun sets.

Visitors visiting Rainbow Skywalk may purchase the tickets at the ticketing counter on Level 5,  The TOP, KOMTAR; proceed to Level 6 for the lift later on. A hint: do not close your eyes while you are in the lift, there's a surprise waiting for you! 

Brief introductions on the areas of Penang

Glass walkway on the Observatory Deck, Level 65

Rainbow Skywalk

Bird's Eye view on Penang Island

Wishing Well right next to the "World's Luckiest Chair"

Entrance to The TOP at Level 5, KOMTAR (ticketing counters can be found on this floor)

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