Monday, January 16, 2017

Dining in a Private Kitchen in the Middle of the Sea @ Aqua Green Fish Farm

Dining in the middle of the sea is no longer a dream nor imaginary right now as one of the largest fish farms in Penang- Aqua Green runs a private kitchen that opens to the public. At a very reasonable price of Rm 120 nett per diner, diners will be welcomed with 5-6 course lunch (subject to availability) and the price includes return trip to the fish farm from Batu Uban Fishing Village. Food aside, we thought the real pull factor was the breath-taking scenery and once-in-a-life-time experience; I mean... how often do you get to visit a fish farm and have a healthy, home-cooked meal there? For those who are concerned, the fish farm is rather "stable" and not "wavy". The open-space dining hall welcomes soothing sea-breeze and offers spectacular view over the Sea (with a side facing Pulau Jerejak). Diners will also receive a complimentary tour around the fish farm while the owner- Sean Cheah, will explain to you how Aqua Green raises the fish. The meal will start shortly after the tour and shall include healthy dishes churned out from Sean's wife- Doris' kitchen; diners can expect at least a fish dish (farmed by Sean) and several healthy dishes (Doris only supports organic and sustainable farmers in Penang, she will cook whatever the farmers deliver to her on that day, subject to suitability). A minimum 6 pax is required for such booking to Aqua Green and preferably 7-day advance reservation (contact number can be found at the bottom of the article). 

Many Thanks to Sean and Doris for hosting us that day.

About Aqua Green:
Aqua Green raises its fish via healthy fodder fully imported from Taiwan, the owners believe in "No Chemicals" policy and thus, their fishes are raised under a "healthy condition". Survival rate is approximately 60% lower than most industrial players but healthy is of their main concern (the prices will of course, commensurate with the quality). Interested diners can also purchase the fish from Aqua Green at additional costs.  

Garden Salad with Avocado Oil and Lemon Dressing

Aubergine with Japanese Wafu Dressing

Steamed Sea Prawns served with Home-made Sauce and fresh Mango

We started with a beautiful and artfully plated Garden Salad served with Avocado Oil, fresh Passion Fruit and Lemon Dressing; Doris was very generous with the raw Almonds and Macadamia nuts either. The concoction was most refreshing, even more lively with the addition of an exotic tropical vegetable that carries Mango-like flavor. The following appetizers were equally tantalizing as well, the steamed Aubergine was cleverly served with appetizing-savory Japanese dressing and topped with toasted Sesame Seeds. It was a satisfying bite with a burst of flavors. Simplicity in its best, the Sea Prawns were expertly cooked to the right doneness and served with Doris' home-made dip and Mango for the touch of tropical essence. It has shades of the Peranakan but unique in its own way. At this point, we were excited and thrilled for the ensuing feast. 

Pan Fried Threadfin and Big Eye Snapper

Boiled Clams

Home-made Mango Fried Rice

No heavy seasonings were tasted in any of the dishes, the fresh fish- Threadfin and Big Eye Snapper were lightly seared; the flesh remains plump and juicy. It was good to go with a slight squeeze of Lemon juice over it, the natural seafood-sweetness within spoke for itself. Similarly, the Clams were cooked with plain Water only. It carried bold seafood salty-sweet essence; it was extremely comforting when served hot. Tummy-filling dish was Doris' own creation- Mango Fried Rice with generous serving of Cabbage and topped with Ginger Torch Flower. The seasoning was the home-made dip served... which shared characteristics of Tom Yum Paste but unique and delightful in its own way. We ended the meal with a refreshing treat of Mangoes and Pineapples; washed down with their home-made Honey-Lemon concoction. 

After-meal concoction of fresh Fruits- Pineapple and Mangoes/ Tangerine

Thirst-Quencher: Homemade Honey-Lemon Juice

Serious safety measurements (visitors are urged to put on life jackets) are taken before departing to the fish farm

Fellow visitors all geared up on a trip to the Fish Farm

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No
Address: Gather Point at Batu Uban Fisherman's Village
Available Hour: 11 am - Lunch/ Only on Weekends or Public Holidays
Contact Number: 6012- 490 1386 [Sean Cheah]

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