Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Taste of Penang- Penang Craft Beer

Seasoned drinkers rejoice! The Penang beer scene has just got a little more interesting with the introduction of "Penang Craft Beer". Craft Beers are often small, independent and traditionally made in small scale in small breweries. The Penang Craft Beers are brewed in San Diego, California but being imported to Penang. In its journey to obtain local license, it was somehow marketed as "Penang Craft Beer", with the approval by the Penang State Government. The Penang Craft Beer series carries 3 flavors- "Ang Moh Leng Teh", "Red Door" and "India Pale Ale"; each bottle (of 355 ml) is sold between Rm 23 to Rm 36 (depending on the restaurant/ bar). Beer enthusiasts can now find the craft beer at selected restaurants and bars in Penang Island. 

The Penang Craft Beer can be found in the below restaurant/ bar:
  • El- Faro
  • Mish Mash
  • The Little Wine Bar
  • The Eighty Eight Restaurant
  • Campbell House
  • Seven Terraces
  • Chin Chin Gastropub
Mish Mash only carries the Penang Craft Beer- India Pale Ale at present and each bottle is priced at Rm 36 nett while The Little Wine Bar carries all 3 flavors and competitively priced at Rm 25.50 nett per bottle. The India Pale Ale contains higher alcohol content at 6.7%. It possesses a fruity aroma with refreshing Lemon tang but bitter end. Not too bad for a change though I am not sure if I'd pay for that again.

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