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A Class Above The Rest- T.K. Seafood & Steak @ Hotel Proverbs (赋乐旅居), Taipei City, Taiwan.

A modern, chic yet elegant building in dark shades- Hotel Proverbs is designed by award-winning designer- Ray Chen; situated in the busiest eastern district of Taipei City, the hotel provides easy getaway to most tourist attractions in town. Not only strategically located, Ray pays great attention to each detail of the hotel room and its furnishings. All hotel rooms are uniquely designed and the furniture is specially chosen to suit the theme. It is a hotel that boasts its own style, design and elegance.

Hotel Proverbs' in-house restaurant- T.K. Seafood & Steak (on the first floor of the hotel) offers an Italian menu with luxury traits. At the entrance to the restaurant, diners will be greeted by a shelf, displaying their house aged Beef. Once entered, there's a huge Seafood Bar displaying an array of fresh, premium Seafood vying for diners' attention. Ambiance-wise, the restaurant's 3-storey tall Chandelier is a class above the rest, exuding a sense of elegance and act as a beautiful charm to keep diners accompany. T.K. Seafood & Steak plays their seasonal card well, the Chef only uses ingredients that are fresh and currently in season; creating layers and dimensions is the favorite cooking style for the restaurant.

Additional Information:
Address: 1st Floor, Hotel Proverbs. No. 56, Section 1, Daan Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan. 台北市大安区大安路1段56号1楼
Business Hours:
[Breakfast] 6:30 am to 10 am- Semi Buffet at NTD $780 + 10%
[Lunch] 12 pm to 3 pm
[Dinner] 5:30 pm to 10 pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: +886 (02) 903 393 008

Many Thanks to Hotel Proverbs for hosting us that evening.

Uni Bruschetta with Guanciale & Burrata 北海道马粪海胆与布拉塔起司意式面包 (NTD $280)

Arugula/ Seasonal Fruits, Burrata Salad, Walnuts, House Aged Charcuterie with Truffle Dressing 季节水果芝麻叶沙拉配松露油醋 (NTD $350)

Luffa Soup with Clams & Market Fish 鲜鱼蛤蜊丝瓜浓汤 (NTD $320)

No dining experience like dining in T.K. Seafood & Steak Restaurant; all dishes are expertly and meticulously crafted. We started off light with a serving of Uni Bruschetta with Guanciale & Burrata. The bread was lightly toasted with light and crispy texture; crowed with Sea Urchin, Guanciale (Italian cured Pork Cheek) and Burrata Cheese. It was small in size but huge in flavors. A bite of the Bruschetta consisted of the seafood-sweetness of the Sea Urchin, fragrance from the Pork Lard and salinity from the Italian Cheese. Everything amalgamated perfectly; it was a starter that whetted up our appetite for the ensuing gastronomical journey. 

Luffa Soup with Clams & Market Fish was another dish that left us with deep impression. The concoction Seafood and Luffa (Chinese Squash) was refreshing but robust with flavors at the same time. The thickness was just perfect that one would find it comforting to slide down the throat. To spice things up, Chef Neil has added some deep fried Ginger slices... for an extra touch of heat. 

Stir Fried Market Shrimp with Porcini Mushrooms 牛肝菌综合菇炒现流鲜虾 (NTD $420)

Spicy Crab Meat, Green Pea, Lemon Pasta 辣炒手剥蟹肉,新鲜青豆仁,柠檬意大利面 (NTD $580)

Pan Fried Hokkaido Scallop with Smoked Oyster Risotto 香煎北海道干贝与熏鲜蚝炖饭 (NTD $580)

The mushroom lover in me was happy with Stir Fried Market Shrimp with Porcini Mushroom, the earthiness of the dish was bold. The savory sauce for the dish was best to spoon over rice. Our request for Rice was answered in the form of Risotto. The Pan Fried Hokkaido Scallop with Smoked Oyster Risotto was one of my favorite dishes of the evening. The Rice was simmered in a rich Seafood stock and crowned with perfectly cooked Hokkaido Scallops. The sweet, gigantic Scallops were beautifully seared with juicy middle; while the Smoked Oysters introduced another layer of smokiness to the dish. It was joyful to taste a spoon of the rich, creamy Risotto with bouncy, succulent Scallop. 

USA House-aged Porter House 美国干式熟成红屋牛排 (NTD $3,580)

Steamed Market Fish, Fennel Cream with braised Radish 清蒸当日市场鲜鱼与炖樱桃萝卜佐大茴香泥 (NTD $780)

The spotlight dish of the evening belongs to T.K. Seafood & Steak's house aged Steak. The meat was first kept at a fridge of temperature between 0-3 degree Celsius with a moisture level of 60%. The aged Steak is then smoked and grilled over a branded Josper Oven. The end result would make any meat lovers weak in the knees, the outside was beautifully charred while the inner part remains juicy and tender. It possessed a hint of smokiness and resembled characteristics of waxed meat. We enjoyed our cut with Chef's special dips. 

A contrary to the aged Steak, the Steamed Market Fish was a dish lighter to the palate. The fish was beautifully cooked- smooth, firm but not hard to the bite texture. It requires no heavy seasoning but just simple pinch of Salt to bring up the natural Seafood flavors; even better to go with some citrusy Lemon Juice. 

Petite Desserts- Dacquoise  达克瓦茲/ Pistachio-Seasonal Fruit Tart 開心果季节水果塔/ Violet Cake 紫罗兰蛋糕/ Siciliani Cheese Roll 西西里义式乳酪卷/ Lemon Meringue Tart 蛋白霜柠檬塔/ Hazelnut Feuilletine 榛果巴芮 [6 types of Desserts with a cup of TWG Tea for NTD $400 + 10%]

We were full to the brim and just we thought the meal ended, Chef Neil wheeled out a classy Dessert tray, beautifully displaying an array of Petite Desserts... proudly made by Hotel Proverbs' in-house pastry Chef. All desserts were unique on its own but it was nearly impossible to tell which one was our favorite. One thing for sure though, all of them were delicately sweetened and none of them were saccharine sweet. We washed down with a cup of TWG Tea (choice of Smokey Earl Grey, Jade Cascade, Choco-Mint Truffle Tea, Gnawa Tea or Grand Jasmine).

Chef Neil, Executive Sous Chef of T.K. Seafood & Steak Restaurant

Hotel Proverbs
Address: Hotel Proverbs No. 56, Section 1, Daan Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan. 台北市大安区大安路1段56号
Contact Number: +886 (02) 2711 1118

Deluxe Room 豪华客房 (NTD $18,000 + 10% Service Charge + 5% Tax per night)

Premium Room 卓越客房 (NTD $19,000 + 10% Service Charge + 5% Tax per night)

Classic Room 精彩客房 (NTD $16,000 + 10% Service Charge + 5% Tax per night))

Proudly opened in September 2015, Hotel Proverbs is the fifth restaurant under the umbrella of Huatai Group. The 42-room luxury hotel is strategically located in the central business district of Taipei City (behind SOGO Zhongxiao Store), harmonizes the industrial vibe, old-fashioned  and eco-friendly concept but not forgetting to maintain the feeling of guests returning to "home".  As far as comfort is concerned, all furniture in the rooms are carefully selected by the designer to ensure the presence of comfort. Some might find the rooms eccentric but that was the whole idea to introduce an irregularity and illogical-sense to surprise the guests. Hotel Proverbs lives up the name as a "Designer's Hotel".

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