Tuesday, October 25, 2016

5 Places to Eat in KL when You Miss Penang Food

 If you happen to be a Penangite based in KL, then there will definitely be days where you crave the mouth-watering cuisine that made our little island famous. Whether it's the aroma of a hearty bowl of Hokkien Mee or a plate of Nasi Kandar with all the fixings, these are classic dishes that us Penangites have been raised on and it’s part of our DNA to want only the best.

Luckily for us, KL has come a long way and there are some pretty decent joints dishing out authentic Penang fare that tastes almost like home. However if this still isn’t enough, you can always hop on the next bus or flight back home and spend the weekend eating your way from Pulau Tikus to Georgetown. To save off your journey, Saleduck is a pretty great place to score travel discounts and vouchers for your foodie trip back home. On another note, you can also snag some pretty decent vouchers from the website’s food category here and save off your favorite restaurants around Malaysia. 

Now onto the food!

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John Penang Prawn Mee at Golden Kim Wah
This place is about as legit as it can get. Owned and manned by John from Balik Pulau, each bowl is a reminder of home. Thick, flavorful broth that hits the perfect balance between sweet, savory and spicy, springy noodles and a generous sprinkling of boiled egg, prawn slices, fish cakes and fragrant fried onions, this have even the pickiest Hokkien Mee connoisseurs nodding in approval.

Frankie Char Koay Teow at Restoran Four Eight
There have been many noble attempts at CKT here in KL but unfortunately, they’re usually met with raised eyebrows and poorly-concealed sniggers. That being said, there are some genuinely decent places cropping up and Frankie is one of them. Glossy noodles with a flavorful, smoky aroma, Frankie’s choice of ingredients are higher in quality than most joints and that shows in the fresh prawns, crunchy bean sprouts and yummy Lap Cheong.

Aik Prawn Mee & Asam Laksa at Taman Paramount
Look out for the humble truck surrounded by ravenous patrons whenever you’re in Taman Paramount. Serving both Hokkien Mee and Assam Laksa, this truck is often raved about by local foodies who swarm to it to get a taste of the authentic noodle dishes. The Assam Laksa is one of our favorites with its richly flavored, tangy broth.

Pasembur/ Indian Rojak at Kepong
This infamous, nameless stall is often referred to as the “Indian Rojak stall near the Durian stalls” so if you ever go looking for it in Kepong, that should be able to help you on your way. Otherwise, look for a queue of people along the street and it should guide you there.

Curry Laksa at Sun Sea Kopitiam, OUG
Lauded for being the real deal, the Curry Laksa at Sun Sea Kopitiam hits all the right notes. The beauty in the dish is that it stays true to the simplicity of Penang Curry Laksa and with no added bells and whistles. Cockles, prawns, cuttlefish, pork blood cubes and Tofu Pok perfectly complement the sweet, spicy soup and a spoonful of rich, dark chili paste gives it the added depth and kick. Fresh and authentic, this place is an absolute winner and is a great spot to visit when you’re aching for a taste of home. 

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