Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Le Périgord @ Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus, Penang.

When the invitation came in, it took me a while to figure out when could it possibly be? Le Périgord is hardly noticed from far but if you were to pay close attention, you will find it tucked within the quiet building of Wisma Soon (same row as Burmahtel), Burmah Road. The signage is in black and white shades so the color combination might not stand out from far. Inside, the things are warm and cozy, with a standard set up of a classy restaurant... and a touch of industrial vibe. It should not be an issue if the restaurant is stuffed with diners as tables are well-spaced out. Dining in can be comfortable. On the menu, it features a classic variety of Western dishes with a unique touch from the Chef. Prices are of middle-upper range but their Set Lunch featuring a Soup, Main and a glass of Drink is especially affordable (Rm 19.90 nett). 

Many Thanks to Le Périgord for hosting us that afternoon. 

Tonkatsu/ Japanese Fried Free Range Pork Chop served with Mashed and Fresh Greens

The Tonkotsu was brilliantly paired with Creamed Potato and doused over the sweet-savory Tonkotsu sauce, served with seasonal greens. the Tonkotsu was lightly seasoned, breaded and deep fried till perfection. The meat was juicy and tender while the outside was crispy. My only wish was the portion was larger.

Salmon Teriyaki served with Buttered Rice and Seasonal Vegetables

Salmon Teriyaki Set shares the same traits as some Japanese Bento Set, especially with the appearance of Buttered Rice. The Salmon was alright, it did not leave me with a very deep impression. The Buttered Rice was alright either but the real draw was the chewy-addictive Dried Shrimps garnished on top of the Buttered Rice. 

Aglio Olio 

Aglio Olio did not quite hit us that day, Chef Bruce managed to tick most of the boxes- well spiced, al-dente but it lacked of a pinch of Salt. In Chef's defense, we were informed that diners could utilize the Salt and Pepper on the table but still, we'd prefer ours to be delicately salted. 

Soup of the Day

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No
Address: 253G-1-7, Tingkat Satu, Burmah Road, 10350, Pulau Tikus, Penang. 
Business Hours: 8 am to 10:30 am (breakfast); 11:30 am to 2:30 pm (lunch); 6 pm to 11 pm (dinner). Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 6012- 559 9139

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