Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sri Sawadee Fusion Thai Cafe @ Sri Bahari Road, Georgetown, Penang.

Once shared by a very wise man- "When the wind blows, sail with it before it subsides"; the people behind Sri Sawadee have been serving some classic Thai Cuisine for years (manned by an owner with his wife) but with more partners coming in, the team has decided to take on the "cafe trend". The space has since refurbished and transformed into a new Fusion Thai Cafe, new items have been introduced with prettier presentation and remarkably well-priced.  The menu is not "pure" Thai but with a unique personal touch of the Chef. The cafe has a chic interior decor, with rattan fish basket hanging all over the space, eclectic high metal stools and tables with industrial-element. There are appetizers, mains and desserts; so diners can opt to have a full-fledged course meal here and with the cozy ambiance, it can be an ideal spot for gatherings. Find Sri Sawadee Fusion Thai Cafe at Sri Bahari Road, adjacent to "The Ship" and few shops away from Foong Wei Heong Chinese Restaurant on the same road.

Pad Thai with Jumbo Prawns (Rm 17.90)

Som Tum Mamuang/ Mango Kerabu (Rm 8.90)

Stimulate your appetite by having their Som Tum Mamuang as appetizer- a sweet, sour and spicy notes; complemented with nutty and crunchy elements like Deep Fried Anchovies, Dried Shrimps, toasted Peanuts, Onions etc. The bite was awesome and most crunchy but I'd personally prefer more fruity element in it... so more Mangoes would work better for me. Sri Sawadee has taken a step further by offering Deep Fried Dumpling Skin to go with their Mango Kerabu Salad. 

Being a fan of Pad Thai, I'd take every opportunity to order one at any Thai restaurants or cafes. Sri Sawadee's did manage to meet my expectations. Not only that the portion was generous, the dish was expertly cooked either. Texture was chewy-resilient and the "woke-hei" was present; best of all, not too greasy. Better if they could tune-up the spiciness to a level higher. 

We wow-ed at Glasspot Jumbo Prawns goong Woonsen's presentation (Rm 28.90/ Serves 2), which comes in a seemingly classy and posh glass pot. Huge crustaceans unveiled themselves after we opened the lid and Glass Noodles soaked in a creamy, milky broth. We were pleasantly surprised that the Glass Noodles were still in chewy-resilient state instead of soft-mushy texture after being left there for some time (for photographs). The broth was creamy, with a sweet and savory taste. It derived its creaminess from Evaporated Milk and probably, some essence extracted from Seafood either. The portion was huge and meant to serve 2. A good substitution to the conventional Claypot Prawn Glass Noodles.

Tom Yum Stir-Fry Seafood Spaghetti (Rm 20.90)

Sawadee Crab-Cake Burger with Hed Tod (Rm 18.90)

We looked down upon Tom Yum Spaghetti at first... well the presentation did not seem to stand out but one slurp on the Pasta changed our mind. The Pasta was robust with Tom Yum flavor, it has a balanced medley of sweet, sour and spicy elements; expertly seasoned right to the dot. The Seafood was carefully cooked to the right doneness either. It has the chili kick but at a comfortable level. 

Another playful creation by Sri Sawadee will be their Crab Cake Burger. The Pork-Crab Patty together with julienned crunchy greens (Lettuce/ Onions/ Tomatoes) dressed with Wasabi Mayo were sandwiched between two soft-fluffy Buns. The patty was well-spiced and a hint of the crustacean can still be discerned. The Wasabi Mayo might overshadow the seafood sweetness but the overall combination was not shabby. 

Save some tummy space for their innovative home-made Cakes in which one of the must-tries include Pandan Cheese Cake with Gula Melaka Drizzle (Rm 15). The Cake was moist and Sri Sawadee did a great job in striving a balance between the Pandan flavor and Cheesiness. Both Pandan and Cheese can co-exist and with the desiccated Coconut on top; it adds another course and nutty element to the overall soft and cheesy cake. The Gula Melaka Drizzle was not necessary but if you would prefer your cake sweeter or with a hint of caramelized-coconut flavor, lightly drizzle the cake with Gula Melaka (contained in the syringe given). A contenting piece to be shared by a few. 

Sawadee-cup Drip Coffee (Rm 9.90)

Sri Sawadee Virgin Mojito (Rm 12.90)

Pandan Lemongrass (Rm 6.90/ Cold)

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
GST: No (prices shown are nett)
Address: 17, Jalan Sri Bahari, 10050, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 11:30 am to 10 pm. Closed on Wednesdays.
Contact Number: 604- 263 1492

Map of 17, Jalan Sri Bahari, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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