Tuesday, September 8, 2015

[Direct Flight] Penang International Airport to Don Mueang International Airport (Bangkok, Thailand) via Air Asia

One of the favorite hot spots well-received by Malaysians will be undeniably Bangkok, Thailand. The metropolis city is the capital of Thailand, not only a melting pot for culture but famed for its vibrant, extravagant  shopping malls. Street foods are ubiquitous but for those with a deeper pocket, you may always splurge a little to pamper yourself. Affordable luxurious goods, facial treatments, spa, posh restaurants can all be easily found across Bangkok.

*Brought to you by Air Asia*

Bangkok is easily accessible, even for Penangites. Air Asia offers direct flight from Penang International Airport to Don Mueang International Airport. We hassle-freely checked in our luggage and waited for our flight. The flight to Bangkok was smooth and took us around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice

Singapore Fried Noodles with Thai Dessert and Coke

"Thai Banana" (140 Baht)

Air Asia Luggage-Casing Name Card Holder (250 Baht)

While Air Asia does not provide any in-flight entertainment for being a low-cost carrier, it does have some interesting products/ food that one should not miss. If you find yourself hungry or in the need for a quick meal, always grab a set of their Chicken Rice and Singapore Fried Bee Hoon; both were served to us piping hot. They may not be mind-blowingly good, they were definitely comforting enough.  

If you are worried about your luggage weight, you may also shop on board! We found an uncommon snack- Thai Banana, a Tokyo-Banana inspired snack, uniquely created in Thailand. We thought it was a lovely snack to buy as gift, especially with its elegant and appropriate box. On top of that, we have also found a unique Name Card Holder, well-shaped in a luggage form. It feels flimsy but creatively designed. 

There are aplenty of Air Asia check-in counters available. The service was brisk, it took us less than a couple of minutes to complete the process.

While we could foresee ourselves loaded with shopping bags, we did not expect Don Mueang International Airport can be that shopper-friendly. Many international brands such as Lacoste, Starbucks and other Duty-Free goods can also be found there. 

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