Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Air Asia Bloggers Community Penang Takeover August 2015!

In collaboration with Penang Global Tourism, 16 fortunate bloggers from Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur were invited to join an inaugural event organized by Air Asia on last Saturday (8 August 2015). The event includes a treasure-hunt task (which again, includes 5 different challenges), a visit to Air Asia's Battle of the Year 2015 at Queensbay Mall and a dinner at Yeng Keng Hotel. Fellow bloggers were divided into 5 different groups. Each group will then be led by 1 or 2 Penang bloggers to complete the assigned challenges.

Many Thanks to Air Asia for organizing the fun-filled event. 

On the Ferry with a bunch of friendly passengers: photo credits to Ana Jonessy

Photo credits to Ana Jonessy; clockwise- Ken (yours truly), DianaCalistaJian and Ana.
The 5 challenges to be completed were:
  1. Discover the Best Breakfast place in Penang.
  2. Penangness- for what resembles Penang.
  3. Penang essentials/ guide: of heritage and food trail.
  4. Heritage Trail
  5. Eat Penang Style
All challenges were duly completed on time. For more photos, hop over to Instagram and look for the hashtag- #AABCPenangTakeover.

Proudly presented by Air Asia, Air Asia's Battle of the Year 2015 is one of the biggest street dance events in Malaysia. Few internally-renowned judges were invited to witness the event. 

Contestants showing the best that they can do to impress the judges. 

Hainanese Spring Rolls (Rm 8/ piece)

Inche Kabin (Rm 16/ Quarter Chicken)

Jiu Hoo Char (Rm 20)

Fellow participants were rewarded with a sumptuous Hainanese dinner at Yeng Keng Hotel; dinner companions were great but the food was averagely-disappointing. 

The dinner session ended up with a brief and simple speech from Mr. Kenneth Tan, head of Air Asia Penang. There was also a lucky draw session for fellow Penang bloggers as well as an announcement of the winning team- for the challenges.

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