Friday, April 24, 2015

Official Opening of Queens Hall @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

20 April 2015 marked the official opening of Queens Hall, Queensbay Mall's in-house food court. The 17,500 square feet food court expects to seat approximately 500 guests and features plethora of local Penang delicacies. The food court was previously closed for 7 months and finally reopened its doors to the public in April 2015. Queens Hall is conceptualized and refurbished to exude the characters of Georgetown heritage, as well as to promote the local food that makes Penangites proud. Tasty highlights to note are Penang Teo Chew Cendol, Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee, Wanton Mee, traditional desserts or even Mak Ee's pastry puffs! The interior decoration of the food court should not be forsaken too, it was carefully designed in a way to match make the theme- "something new of something old".

Many Thanks to Queensbay Mall for hosting us that evening. 

There will be 8 different rooms in Queens Hall, showcasing the unique elements of Georgetown- Room of Bricks, Room of Signage, Room of Garden, Room of Medicine Box, Room of Containers, Room of Roof, Room of Windows and Room of Tiles. These expressive features evoke memories of the yesteryears, how the old Penang island developed into a city with strong economic growth- from arts to science, commerce to architecture, and from civilization to culture. 

Ask around on where to find a good Lor Bak and you will be bombarded by myriad of answers suggesting you places to find decent Lor Bak; it is, however, not usual to see Chicken Lor Bak (Rm 6.50 nett) around. As expected, the texture of the Chicken Roll was firm but not as aromatic as I would have preferred. Probably the Five-spiced powder (Ngoh Hiang Hun) did not stand out to me; also, the Vegetable Fritters could be crispier in my opinion. 

We were delighted to know that one of the famous Thai establishments in Penang- Sukhothai, is manning a stall here. We had their Signature Beef Noodles (Rm 13.65/ inclusive of GST) which comes in a handful of Water Spinach/ Kangkung, Beef Balls and some Beef. The Beef was flaking apart at just the nudge of a fork while the broth packed a flavorful punch with its herbaceous flavors. Add in condiments like Chili Flakes, Thai Fish Sauce and the Beef Noodles will be good to go. 

One of the stalls that received great attention was Uncle Kin's Chili Pan Mee at the Room of Containers. We get to sample a bowl of their Signature Dry Chili Pan Mee for Rm 6.90 nett; home-made noodles with condiments like Deep Fried Anchovies, Minced Chicken Meat, Deep Fried Shallots, Soft-Boiled Egg topped. The key to triumph was their sweat-inducing Chili Flakes. Mix everything together and the concoction will set you on fire. Not only was it fiery hot but it struck us with its multi-dimensional texture and flavors. However, we thought the concoction might be a little too dry to our liking. 

Meat lovers can indulge in Grilled Trio Platter (Rm 25.35/ inclusive of GST) which comprises of Beef, Lamb, Chicken Sausage, Mashed Potato and some greens; ladled lavishly with Brown sauce. Flavors were decent but the meats were slightly overcooked, thus, affecting the texture. Had the Chef cooked the meats to the right doneness, more marks will be awarded to them. 

Room of Garden

Room of Medicine Box and Room of Windows under the Marquee

Room of Windows

Room of Tiles is right beside Room of Roof

Room of Container

Additional Information:
Address: Level 3, Queensbay Mall, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Business Hours: 10: 30 am to 10: 30 pm. Opens Daily.

Map of queensbay mall

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