Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blackmores Retreat Camp @ The Lost Paradise Resort, Batu Ferringhi.

The world-renowned Australia-trusted health care brand- Blackmores Malaysia, has successfully organized its inaugural Two-Day-One-Night Blackmores Retreat Camp in Penang over the weekend (18 and 19 April 2015). The aforementioned event was held at The Lost Paradise Resort, at Batu Ferringhi. With the triumphant start for organizing the Retreat Camp at Bukit Tinggi, Blackmores Malaysia continues to reward the brand's loyal followers and health-watchers to a Retreat Camp, to rejuvenate and revitalize their bodies and souls. It is planned in such a way that Blackmores Malaysia will be organizing the Retreat Camp on a yearly basis. If you must know, Rm 250 (excluding GST) for the 2 day 1 night retreat camp.

For future events, kindly follow Blackmores Malaysia's Facebook Page.

The highlights of the event were (but not limited to):

  • Workshop 1: Detox for Good Health (DIY Healthy Snacks and Juices)
  • Workshop 2: Addressing skin issues (DIY Skin Care Remedies)
  • Workshop 3: Exercise for optimal health
  • Workshop 4: Boosting memory through natural remedies
  • Workshop 5: Massage away the stress using Essential Oils
Many Thanks to Blackmores Malaysia for extending the invitation.

A group photo of the participants for Blackmores Retreat Camp 2015. 

The first workshop started with a quick self-introduction amongst the participants followed by a brief introduction on Blackmores and its company background as well as a little information on the founder. Ms. Alyssa Ng (Naturopath and Health Educator) shared on the broad topic of detoxification- why should we detox/ organs in the body that detoxify/ detoxifying foods and herbs. Inevitably, detoxifying the body seems to be one of the keys to increase metabolism and eventually... weight loss. Liver is especially crucial when it comes to detoxification and it is interesting to know that Garlic and Turmeric aid in liver cleansing.

Ms. Alyssa Ng then showed us the proper way to juice the fruits. One of the tips from her, "Start with Apple or Orange and you will not go wrong". Oranges, Carrots, a cube of Ginger were juiced for 15 seconds; texture was coarse but she would like to preserve the fibers of the fruit and vegetables. A combination of Fruit and Vegetable seems to be her formula. 

Apple Banana Smoothie might be a little filling but Soya Milk was added instead of Milk. A satisfying and tummy-filling smoothie for weight-watchers. 

The second workshop started with Ms. Monitar Tan (Naturopath and Health Educator) delving into the common causes of Eczema, a common term that describes the inflammation of skin; Acne, Hives and Athlete's foot. A balanced diet is essential to curb all these. 

Ms. Monitar Tan then shared her secret recipe to remedy those skin care issues. Being a Naturopathic, she believes in everything natural, where one could even DIY his/her own skin care remedies. In the DIY session, she demonstrated the painstaking way to prepare Nutmeg-Lemongrass infused base oil via double boiling method. 

All meals were prepared by the resort and menu was carefully selected by the specialists. Only vegetarian meals will be served during the two day one night camp. Unfortunately, most dishes prepared by The Lost Paradise Resort were veering towards the salty side. 

If you think the Retreat Camp is a classroom-like camp, you might want to rethink. Participants partook in a fun-filled competition by guessing Heads or Tails. Winners of the day won themselves some healthcare products from Blackmores.

Workshop Three conducted by Ms. Jeannie Kwa (Naturopath and Health Educator) stressed on the importance of exercise. It is apparent that before you want to play the game (hereby refers to dieting), you should understand the rules of the game. She gave the participants a good insight on what are the things that influence the body's metabolism and calculation on Body Mass Index (BMI). The session continued with a simple stretching session, under Ms. Jeannie Kwa's guidance; some simple ones that most office workers can do in their offices.

A little "zen" moment for the participants as they were given some time and absolute silence to draw a picture from their inner heart using their non-dominance hands. We were told that as such, participants will be able to express themselves unconsciously.

The day then ended with a group sharing on how to have a good night sleep as well as some light exercise to promote quality sleep.

*p/s: I didn't really like to be read/ analyzed by others so i randomly drew something and managed to slipped off by drawing a crap*

The next day arrived sooner than expected. We had an awesome session where we get to place our Yoga mats on a platform, overlooking the entire Tanjung Bungah beach. We also had a basic Yoga lesson guided by Ms. Jeannie Kwa. It was my virgin Yoga experience and I sprained my arm *clap clap*. 

Workshop Four started shortly after breakfast and Ms. Alyssa Ng shared with us some techniques to make ourselves smarter by indulging the correct food (natural brain builders like Nuts, Fruits, Vegetables etc). It was also fascinating to know that lack of anti-oxidants causes aging of brain

The last workshop had Ms. Monitar Tan to share her experience on Aromatherapy; the types of Essential Oils available in the market and their beneficial properties. The session ended with a simple DIY demonstration and a quick practice on how to massage appropriately. Participants were asked to rub their partner's hand using Essential Oil. The participants concluded the 2 day 1 night Blackmores Retreat Camp with a group photo session. 

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