Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Taste of Norway by Chef Markus, courtesy of GST Group.

Seafood plays an essential role in a well-balanced diet, containing a few nutrients that are crucial to humans. According to many engrossing research, it appears that there is an increasing demand for seafood lately which shows undoubtedly love for seafood. Chef Markus, a very young and talented Chef from Norway, was invited to showcase his signature Norwegian Seafood dishes to the members of the media; courtesy of the GST Group, one of the largest Seafood exporters and suppliers in Malaysia.

Many Thanks to GST Group for hosting us that evening.

Guest Chef- Chef Markus Peter Dybwad

Having honed his culinary skills in many world-renowned Michelin starred restaurants- The Fat Duck in UK, Equinox in Singapore etc, Chef Markus has gained many valuable insight about food.

Managing Director of GST Group- Mr. Paul Goh.

About GST Group:

Goh Siong Tee (GST) Seafood Supplies began supplying fresh seafood to restaurants and hotels in Penang and the business has since grown and expanded to the other parts of Northern Malaysia. The group further ventured into raw fish fillet processing and supply to global markets. At present, GST Group imports premium quality Seafood from other parts of the world and Norwegian Seafood is one of their proudest projects. For more information, kindly visit their website.

 Fresh Oysters

 New Zealand Black Mussels

 Crayfish/ Yabbies

 Spanner Crab

 Norwegian Creamed Seafood Soup

 Scandinavian Seafood Salad "Skagen"

 Herring in Brine

 Herring in Tomato Sauce

 Salmon Tataki served on Egg Royale with Roe and Vinaigrette

Scallop with Pasta, Black Roe and Sour Cream

Salmon Tataki was one of the few dishes that took the center stage, it struck our palates with a robust flavors- briny pops of Roe, appetizing Vinagirette, and seafood sweetness from the Salmon. The Egg Royal added another layer of dimension to the dish- velvety smooth and eggy. Do not judge a book by its cover, the Skagen may seem unpromising or deceptively simple, it surprises us with the utmost sweet-tasting shrimp uniquely to the nearby region of Norway. Diners were thrilled with the presentation of Chef Markus's ingenious creation- Scallop with Pasta, Black Roe and Sour Cream; beautifully cooked angel hair pasta served with Roe and Sour Cream topped with a voluptuous Scallop. It shared some similarities with Carbonara yet different in its own way.

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