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Sakae Sushi (荣寿司) Malaysia Launches New Menu for the Year 2014

Seeing regular patrons queuing in front of Sakae Sushi is a common sight for many, the well-established and fabled Singapore-based Japanese food chain restaurant is well-known for its fine-quality Japanese food at unrivaled prices. As to reward their fans and regular patrons, the restaurant debuts a new menu for the year 2014. The new but sturdy menu devised by Sakae Sushi features more than 50 new additions across quite a few categories. For the months of July, August and September (until 15th of September 2014), diners can enjoy selected dishes for up to 50% discounts in all Sakae Sushi outlets Malaysia; with Terms and Conditions apply. For more information, kindly refer to their official website or inquire within any outlets in Malaysia. 

Many Thanks to Sakae Sushi for extending the invitation. 

Sashimi lovers can now appease all Sashimi cravings with their Sashimi Mori Zen (Rm 26.98- 1 piece each/ Rm 55.98- 3 pieces each). The set consists of 7 types of Seafood goodness- Norway air-flown Salmon, Salmon Roe, Yellow Tail, Tuna, Octopus, Butterfish and the new delightful addition, Mekajiki Toro (Sword Fish Belly). All the Sashimi slices were very fresh and generously sliced to the appropriate thickness and as a result of that, the texture was not compromised. The main highlight here is the newly added fish- Mekajiki Toro, albeit white in color, it possesses a firmer texture as compared to Butterfish. A worth-the-value set that commensurate with quality. 

A good alternative for the health-conscious, Wafu Salad (Rm 6.98) comes with Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Japanese Cucumbers, Corn Kernels, Edamame, Raisins, Deep Fried Lotus Root and of course, shredded Cabbage and julienned Radish. The Japanese vinaigrette salad dressing- Wafu, introduces a sharp acidic tilt to the dish but was perfectly balanced out by Raisins, Corn Kernels. The Lotus Root, on the other hand, added a unique touch and flavor to the dish. Despite that the salad has wonderful elements, I did not find it outstanding. 

Salmon Zukushi (Rm 19.98) is specially designed for Salmon lovers. There are five unique Sushi and Sashimi varieties in this particular dish. Diners can expect to see Salmon Roe Sushi, Salmon Sushi, Salmon-Mentaiko Sushi, Salmon-Sashimi Roll and 2 slices of Salmon Sashimi. I was especially enamored for the Salmon-Mentaiko Sushi, it was creamy with a tinge of sweetness introduced by Mentaiko and the texture was just beyond amazing. Equally delectable will be the Salmon Sashimi Roll, it uses 2 slices of Salmon Sashimi to roll a small-rounded vinegared Rice and completed with a dollop of Mayonnaise and jeweled with Ebiko. 

Be spoilt for choices at Sakae Sushi's amazing variety of Maki, the Year of 2014 welcomes another great Maki dish- Aburi Salmon Maki (Rm 19.98). The Salmon was half-broiled and torched to a perfect state, though not mind-blowing, it did not disappoint us with the multi-layered dimension. 

A great surprise of the day was introduced by this dish- Yaki Corn Tempura (Rm 7.98). The juicy, sweet and bursty Corn was given a nice grill before it was coated with Tempura Batter for a quick fry. The first bite was a shattering crisp, followed by a sweet, soft-crunchy texture; the juicy filling burst out and the sweetness can slowly be discerned. We were pleased with the flavor and were amazed by how Tempura Batter dovetailing so well with Corn Kernels. 

The star dish of the day goes to Hotate Mentaiyaki (Rm 20.98) which is also an all-time favorite for regular patrons. Fresh and succulent Scallops were grilled to perfection and finished with buttery-creamy Mentaiko-Mayonnaise. It may seem deceptively simple but the combination of voluptuous Scallop, Mentaiko with briny ocean wholesomeness and creamy smooth Mayonnaise spoke for itself. A must-try dish for seafood lovers. 

Goma Soft Shell Crab Cha Soba (Rm 17.98) is a somewhat eccentric dish to me. The marriage between Goma/ Japanese Sesame Dressing and Cha Soba is definitely something new for me. I've had something similar before but with Spaghetti and the flavors turned out to be as expected. It was creamy, aromatic with a discernible sweetness and beautifully cooked to the slightly al-dente texture. It was served together with some crispy Soft Shell Crabs. Not too shabby but not my favorite for that day. 

Smoked Kamo Nabe (Rm 23.98) is definitely my type of comfort food. It was served hot, the broth was tame and easy on the palate, with a gentle vegetable-sweetness. The vegetables (Cabbage, Leek, Shitake Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Carrot and Spinach) were nicely cooked, not slouchy and overcooked. The real draw of this dish is the addition of Smoked Duck Breast which enhances in lieu of overshadowing the broth by introducing a sleek of smokiness. The hearty portion of this Hot Pot was good enough for the four of us. 

Sakae Sushi has something for every palate and that includes kids as well. We get to sample their "Fire Engine" kiddy set (Rm 13.98) which comes with tender-sweet Chicken Teriyaki, Mini Prawn Tempura, Smiley Potato Fries, assorted Vegetables, steamed Rice and a bottle of Vitagen. The set includes kids' all time favorites- Deep Fried goodies with a balanced diet of healthy greens and essential Carbohydrates for the growth of your children. 

Miso Ice Cream (Rm 6.98)

Vanilla Ice Cream with Shiokoji Collagen (Rm 6.98)

Sweet ending was two scoops of icy cold Ice Cream. Miso Ice Cream (Rm 6.98) is part of the new menu for the year of 2014, it possesses a very mild Miso flavor but the soul to this lovely dessert is the extra touch of Bonito flakes. The savory Bonito flakes do not only add another layer of texture to the velvety smooth Ice Cream but they cut through the sweetness of the Ice Cream with its salty-seafood essence. Made its appearance on last year's menu, Vanilla Ice Cream with Shiokoji Collagen (Rm 6.98) paled when it comparison with Miso Ice Cream. The pops of Collagen were meant to provide some saltiness to the dessert but they did not work as expected. The Ice Cream was still too sweet to our liking and we thought the Miso Ice Cream fared better. 

Honey Jujube Genmai Tea (Rm 7.98 for Hot/ Rm 8.98 for Cold)

Additional Information:
Pork-Free/ Wifi not available
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: Yes 6%

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