Sunday, July 13, 2014

Official Launching of Tree Bar @ G Hotel, Penang.

Tree Bar nestled under the 80-year old Rain Tree is a delightful addition to G Hotel as guests can now take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with a glass of well-chilled Beer and watch the world goes by. The newly launched Bar took the prominent spot of the al-fresco dining area between G Hotel and Gurney Plaza, the simple and minimalist decor channels a calm and pleasing sense of tranquility. We like the Bar being spacious but without any traces of ostentation, just perfect to spend an evening with your loved ones or to have some sweet talks. On the menu, guests can expect to see an array of Draught Beers, Cocktails, Whiskeys and assorted Liqueurs; apart from the alcoholic drinks, a selections of Coffees and Teas are also available as well as some mouth-watering snacks and gourmet Burgers.  

Many Thanks to G Hotel for extending the invitation.

Hardcore drinkers will be glad to hear about the Tree Bar's Buy 1 Free 2 (Draught Beer) Promotion. Buy any ONE glass of Beer (from the tap) such as Carlsberg, Asahi, Connor's, Stella Artois, Lowenbrau and Hoegarden and you will get to enjoy TWO complimentary glasses of Beers. The promotion lasts until 9:30 pm every evening. Buy 1 Free 1 Promotions comes in after 9:30 pm, similarly, guests are to pay for ONE glass of Beer and they will receive another complimentary glass in return. *The promotion runs until further notice/ kindly refer to the bottom of this blog post for the prices and menu of Tree Bar*

Bottled Beers available are Tsing Tao, Guiness, Little Creatures Bright Ale and Pale Ale, Warsteiner, Somersby Cider etc. Cocktails-wise, Long Island Iced Tea, Atlantic Breeze, Malaysian Dream, Rum Jungle and Blue Hawaiian are some of the notable ones. 

Chicken Satay

Deep Fried Calamari Rings with Condiments

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Skewers

Smoked Salmon Rolls

Surf and Turf Quesadillas 

Guests of the evening were served with some of the carefully chosen yummy bites from the menu. The star dish has got to be their Moroccan Spiced Lamb Skewers. The flavors were precisely calibrated to perfection, the Lamb was juicy and tender while the sweet Capsicums provided a crunchy refreshing bite to the red meat. It was good enough on its own but even better with the addition of Mint Sauce. The Deep Fried Calamari Rings were equally lip-smacking. They were well-executed to the right doneness, slightly resilient with crisp edges, just perfect to go as a nibble while sipping on the chilled Beer. In spite that the Salmon Rolls were on the salty side, but it was balanced out with a sip of Beer, we especially like the extra touch of Horseradish Cream for the creamy texture and Capers for the nice acidic tilt. 

Mr. Michael Hanratty on the left (General Manager of G Hotel Penang) and Mr. Phuah Choon Meng on the right (Director of G Hotel Penang)

The VVIPs of the evening with Mr. Michael Hanratty, the General Manager of G Hotel Penang (in blue shirt) chairing the event. 

Additional Information:
Address: 168A, Pesiaran Gurney, 10250, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours (of Tree Bar): 11 am to 1 am. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 238 0000

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