Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Angkiki Steamboat Hot Pot @ Anson Park, Georgetown, Penang.

Despite the roaring steamboat restaurants mushrooming in Penang, one still finds it tough to find a cheap and good steamboat place especially if you wish to cut through the novelties and get straight down to the solid basics. The opening of Angkiki Steamboat is definitely a good news to local foodies. Expect no classy setting nor very cozy ambiance but rather, it is housed within a very simple and no-frills hawker center along Anson Road. Angkiki Steamboat provides unabashed steamboat packages at very affordable prices. Their specialties are their soup bases- Nyonya Assam Pedas and Tom Yum which are carefully designed to suit the locals' palates. Wallet-friendly, ample parking space, worth-trying soup bases, aplenty choices are some of the reasons why this place is worth a look. 

Many Thanks to Angkiki Hot Pot for extending the invitation

Set for 8 pax- Rm 138/ current promotion (valid until 31st of August 2014)- Rm 99 *recommended for 6 pax though*

Set for 2 pax- Rm 48/ current promotion (valid until 31st of August 2014)- Rm 29

Budget conscious customers will be glad to know that Angkiki Hot Pot is having an opening promotion from now until 31st of August 2014. The promotional prices for set for 2 will be Rm 29, Rm 49 for set for 4 and the set for 8 is priced at Rm 99 (2 types of soup bases are included, inclusion of third soup base will incur additional costs). 

The ingredients for the 8-pax package include:
  • Prawns
  • Squid
  • Fish
  • Meat Balls
  • Fish Balls
  • Mushroom Balls
  • Enoki Mushrooms
  • Hog Maw/ Pig's Stomach
  • Mock Abalone Slices
  • Tofu 
  • Fish Maw
  • Jellyfish 
  • Fish Paste Noodles
  • Minced Pork Meat
  • Spinach
  • Water Spinach
  • Choices of Vermicelli Noodles, Instant Noodles, Glass Noodles or Rice (8 portion)

Angkiki Hot Pot continues to impress us with their choices of Soup Base- Assam Pedas, is skillfully cooked with remarkable flavors. The assorted herbs and ingredients were fully utilized to accentuate the flavors. The final product is a spicy yet appetizing broth which works perfectly well with any kinds of steamboat ingredients. While their Clear Soup is pretty standard-average, their Tom Yum soup base is worth a mention here. We love the flavors of the soup, it was spicy though veering towards the sweeter side, it comes with a mild-hint of acidic tilt. It may not be too suitable for those who prefer a sour-base Tom Yum but this version of theirs have certainly amazed us. On a side note, diners can request to have the level of spiciness altered and customized to their own liking. 

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No
Address: Anson Park Food Court, Jalan Anson, 10400, Georgetown, Penang. (Beside TNB building along Anson Road)
Business Hours: 6pm to 10pm. Closed on every Tuesday.
Contact Number: 6013- 421 9191

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