Saturday, November 23, 2013

Royce' Chocolate- A Taste of Hokkaido

Indulge in a taste of Hokkaido with Royce' Chocolate, this Japanese brand takes pride in offering some of the finest premium chocolates; sourcing its ingredients from surrounding areas of Hokkaido, a region in Japan well known for its quality farming and fresh dairy products, ensuring every single bite of their chocolate carries the flavors and senses of Hokkaido. Unlike any European chocolates, Royce' products are made less-sweeten and possess a lighter texture and softer in feel. 

Royce' Chocolate has recently launched their e-store, teeming with a selection of more than 40 types of products available, customers can now order their products anywhere in Malaysia at anytime. There are a total 7 outlets in the Klang Valley- Isetan Suria KLCC, Bangsar Village, The Garden's Mall, Ben's Independent Grocer at Publika, Tropicana City Mall, Tropicana Golf & Resort and Empire Shopping Gallery. As for Penangites, fear not, delivery to Penang is made possible via their professional chilled logistic partner- Ta-Q-Bin; the available delivery areas are Klang Valley, Penang, Kedah, and Johor. 

Chocolates are deemed as the de facto gifts in this gifting season of Christmas, New Year or even Valentine. What are you waiting for? Surprise your loved ones with Royce' delightful chocolates now. Place your order now at

Thanks to Royce' Chocolate Malaysia and Jocelyn Lee from Royce' Chocolate Malaysia for sponsoring the review.

Royce' Chocolate is renowned for its Nama series, which is one of their signature chocolates. The Nama Mild Cacao (Rm 45) was carefully placed in a cooling bag to ensure its quality. The rich and velvety smooth chocolate was so intense with chocolate flavors and it slides down the throat naturally; leaving the delicate aroma lingering in the tongue for some time and it awakens the taste buds. The mind-blowing chocolates are veering to the sweeter side but not cloying, ending with a bitter note. It is truly one of the best chocolates that I have ever had, definitely not to be missed by chocolate lovers too! The Nama Mild Cacao is suitable for children too as no alcohol is added to the chocolate. *Highly Recommended*

I was intrigued by this best-selling product of theirs- Potatochip Chocolate Original (Rm 45); the magical mix of crispy potato chip with well-balanced chocolate coating was indeed an ingenious confectionery for all. The addition of the sweet element from chocolate has further enlivened the potato chips, granting a playful yet successful twist to the expected flavors. The marriage between potato chips and chocolate is inexplicably astonishing. The salty-sweet sensation is definitely another worth-trying reason to munch on the chips. 

Comes with 10 in a box, the Nutty Bar Chocolate (Rm 45) has a chock full of Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Pecans and Macadamias which add a bit of a crunch. The bar was fairly sweet and bursting with the nutty aromatic flavor; fortunately, it was well-balanced and not too overpowering. However, I was not quite surprised with the flavor of the chocolate bar as though I have had something similar before. Those with a sweet-tooth might want to give this a try though. 

I was amazed by Royce' Chocolate's chilled logistic partner- Ta-Q-Bin, it was scheduled to reach my doorstep at 3pm but they have managed to reach way earlier as scheduled. The chocolates were delivered in pristine condition and well-sealed in a cooling bag to maintain its temperature and quality. 

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