Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sweet Hut @ Precinct 10, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.

3rd of August 2013 marked the grand opening of Sweet Hut Dessert House at Precinct 10, Tanjung Tokong and I was fortunate to be invited by the lady owner- Zenny, to witness the very important moment. Sweet Hut is a renowned franchised dessert restaurant originated from Kuala Lumpur and they have just opened their 11th outlet here in Penang. Sweet Hut offers a wide variety of desserts where most of them are fruit-based desserts at very affordable prices. Service was superb as owner Zenny and her mom- Annie were two friendly and cheerful ladies, my previous experience at this place was awesome, warmly welcomed by the two of them. Additionally, free parking will be made available at Precinct 10 during day time (before 7pm) and Sweet Hut opens until midnight! Do try their desserts out if you are well prepared for a sweet indulgence during midnight!

Coconut Pudding with Caramel Pudding (焦糖布丁椰果子,Rm 12.80) hit the top notch of the day, the chilled Coconut Pudding soaked in Coconut Milk was refreshing while the Caramel Pudding adding a more layered dimension by providing a smooth, silky and milky flavor. To my surprise, the dessert was not sweet at all, in fact, I reckon it should be an ideal dessert to quench one's thirst especially during a warm and humid day. 

Their Papaya Milk Snow Ice (木瓜奶雪花冰,Rm 9.90) does not seem to resonate among the bloggers though. It was more to the sweeter side; the Papaya flavor was there but I thought the dessert will be great if more milk or cream can be added for a more intense milky flavor. 

Another dessert which should not be missed by Papaya lovers- Steamed Aloe Vera with Egg White and Papaya (暖芦荟炖蛋白木瓜,Rm 12.80) which can be served either hot or cold. The well ripen Papaya was quite sweet on its own, together with the Aloe Vera, this dessert was slightly too sweet to my liking. The Egg White was silky smooth, giving a rather unparalleled texture to the dessert. 

The dessert that received the most "Yes" votes from the bloggers was this Durian Pancake (榴莲果王班戟,2 pieces for Rm 9) which uses real Durian in the making and you should be able to imagine how intense can the flavor be. As you sink your fangs deeper, you will get yourself caught in a whiff of Durian aroma. The texture was smooth by adding in some cream and best eaten when chilled. The orange color dessert was Golden Mango Pancake (黄金香滑芒果班戟,2 pieces for Rm 8.50) which gave us standard satisfaction. It was decent but probably the flavor from Durian Pancake was too strong and the Mango Pancake turned out to be slightly below par when in comparison. Nevertheless, both are noteworthy. 

One of their top sellers- Baked Marquis Chocolate Pudding with Cookies Ice Cream (巧克力心太软伴曲奇雪糕,Rm 12.80). When you move your cutter through the dessert, the Chocolate will automatically oozes out; the dessert is best eaten together with the icy cold Ice Cream, the hot and cold sensation will tickle your taste buds to the max! On a side note, there are 4 types of Ice Creams available for you to choose- Vanilla, Mango, Durian and Cookie Ice Cream. Please do mention your preferred choice of Ice Cream to them before you placed your order. The dessert was not sweet at all and in fact, it has a hint of Chocolate-bitterness which some of the bloggers do not appreciate but I did enjoy this dessert and it was perfectly okay for me....

A dessert during my previous visit- Milk Almond Pudding and Mango Sago Pomelo Dessert (北海道杏仁布丁拼杨枝金露,Rm 8.90) was superb, I like how thick and flavorful the dessert was, well complemented with their Almond Pudding and freshly sliced Mango, with a touch of Pomelo. Love the intense Mango flavor as well as the Almond Pudding. For those who are not a fan of Almonds, you should avoid this dessert. 

Steamed Red Dates White Fungi, Papaya, Coconut Soup (暖红枣雪耳炖木瓜海底椰,Rm 9.80) can be served either hot or cold. To my dismal, this dessert was way too sweet to my liking. No doubt the dessert has a lot of ingredients but I was obviously cloying with the sweetness. 

Do try out some of my recommendations up there, some of their desserts can be rather sweet, my top recommendation will be their Milk Almond Pudding and Mango Sago Pomelo Dessert, Coconut Pudding with Caramel Pudding, Durian Pancakes and Baked Marquis Chocolate Pudding with Cookies Ice Cream.

Some of the photos taken during the official launching of Sweet Hut- Cynthia (Left 2- Director of Sweet Hut Penang), George (Left 3- CEO of Sweet Hut group) and Annie (Left 4- Managing Director of Sweet Hut Penang).

Additional Information:
Service Charge: Yes 6%
Government Tax: No

Address: 10-C-23, Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470, Penang.
Business Hour: 1pm to 12:30am on Weekdays; 1pm to 1am on Weekends. Closed on every Monday.
Contact Number: 604- 890 9969

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