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Seafood Extravaganza Buffet @ Sarkies, E&O Hotel, Penang.

In conjunction with Penang E&O Hotel’s buffet promotion, themed Petr’s Catch Seafood Extravaganza, fellow bloggers were invited to sample some of their palatable dishes and seafood offered. Diners can only enjoy this special theme on every Wednesday night, at Sarkies, E&O Hotel, Penang (please do note that the promotion ends at the end of April, 2013). Prices are pre-fixed to be at Rm 110++ for adults and your children get to enjoy the buffet at Rm48++ (subject to prevailing government tax and service charge) but as Kenhuntfood’s readers, you guys get to enjoy an extra discount of Rm30! (which reduces the price to Rm80++ for adults, Rm 38++ for children, please do note that the voucher/banner is only available for the FIRST 80 REDEMPTION). Simply print out the voucher which can be found under this post and present to the staff in Sarkies, E&O Hotel to enjoy the discount. Under this themed buffet, diners are given the opportunity to savor some of the imported seafood which rarely be seen in Penang, Alaskan Snow Crab Claws, Poached Black Mussels and Boiled River Cray Fish just to name a few. Overall, I would say that the price is worth the value and it’s a very good opportunity for seafood lovers to ease their cravings.

What you see is what you will get. The gigantic Alaskan Snow Crab Claws will be displayed as shown, diners are more than welcome to pick their own and enjoy. I personally find that the Crabs were on the saltier side but we were told by the management that the Crabs were stored using Seawater to preserve their freshness. I enjoyed my Crabs together with their home-made Tabasco Chili Sauce with some freshly squeezed lemon/lime juice. The sensation was beyond words.

Black Mussels are rare in Penang; I had those (Chili Mussels) once in Cicerellos, Fremantle when I was still studying in Perth, Australia. They are relatively smaller in size but they tasted better as compared to the usual Mussels we can get, although they were rather salty to me but they were no doubt, more savory. I didn’t like the Boiled River Cray Fish as I found them a little “fishy”, the smell was pungent for me. Not a fan of those. Fresh Oysters were one of the main highlights of the night as well. I personally like the fact that they were displaying the Oysters on ice to preserve their freshness and they were very fresh indeed. Do remember to try their home-made Tabasco Chili Sauce out as it turned out to be unexpectedly good, or could be even better than the usual Tabasco Sauce.

As usual, diners can find those freshly sliced Salmon Sashimi displaying near the Sushi Corner, together with some Smoked Salmon, as well as some Japanese Sushi. The Salmon Sashimi were very fresh, I think I had more than 10 slices of those that night.

The Cheese corner is one of the kiosks that shall not be missed. Cheese lovers should definitely hunt for this place as they will be providing diners with a wide selection of cheeses to choose from, together with some Cream Crackers/ Crackers, Dried Figs/ Apricots for a more savory pleasure.

Next to the Cheese Corner was the Salad Bar. Weight-watchers/ Salad-lovers get to enjoy a series of imported fresh greens, namely Rocket, Romaine Lettuce (several types of Romaine Lettuce). You can get some Pine Nuts, Capers, as well as some decent Olives too. Various kinds of salad dressings were provided too.  There will be some mouth-watering Tapas available too, I had one of them, which was Salmon Tapas and I love it, absolutely delectable. One shall not miss their Grilled Mixed Vegetables too, particularly their tantalizing grilled Zucchini which came in crunchy, flavorful and juicy. 

I was not into the local mains; instead, I hunted for their Lamb/ Beef. They were perfectly roasted to my liking, tender and extremely juicy; further complemented by their specially made Brown Sauce. I had mine together with some fresh Romaine Lettuce and Rocket, as well as some Pine Nuts and Capers. Simple yet tasty. For the Grilling bar, one can find Prawns, Salmon, Lamb and even Satay! The management was very thoughtful to prepare some appetizing sauces to go with the meat. One of my favorite combinations will definitely be Mint Sauce and Lamb. I had some of their Grilled Salmon too, although they were good but I find them too oily to my liking.

E&O Hotel’s fancy desserts are definitely one of the highly anticipated foods to look for, especially ladies or those with a sweet tooth. Amongst the mouth-watering desserts displayed, I had Macaroon, Lemon Meringue, Layer Cake as well as their Cup Cake. I like their Lemon Meringue for being refreshing and light but their Macaroons were too sweet to my liking. Cup Cakes and Layers cakes were okay, nothing to brag about. They had some freshly made Crepe topped with Ice Creams too but I was too full to sample. Do try it out if you happen to be there. 

I like the wide selection of fresh fruits provided that night, there were some Watermelon, Grapes, Dragon Fruit and Papaya but unfortunately, I was too full to enjoy any of these.

Guests/Diners will be greeted by this gigantic Dessert Tree and of course, diners are more than welcome to choose their own desired dessert from there. There were some doughnuts as well, a very creative idea I must say.

A big Thank You to the executive chef of E&O Hotel- Chef Petr Feher for leading and working with his team in preparing all these wonderful dishes.

Additional Information:
Price: Rm 110++ (Adult), Rm 48++ (Child), every Wednesday, 7pm to 10:30pm ONLY.
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: Yes 6%
Address: 10, Lebuh Farquhar, Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 604- 222 2000


In order to qualify for the discount of Rm30, diners must print the voucher/banner out WITH my blog's (kenhuntfood) URL/ website link stated. Please do note that one print out is only for one person, for example, you will have to print four copies if you are going together in a group of four. DO make early reservation quoting this voucher/banner to avoid disappointment. Should you have any questions in mind and wish to discuss with me, kindly private message me via my Facebook page.

*Disclaimer: kenhuntfood does not hold any responsibilities should one is not qualified for the promotion, the management of E&O Hotel reserves the right to amend/ make any necessary decisions, please refer and ask for more information before making your reservation.*

Below are some of the promotions going on in E&O Hotel Penang, for more information, kindly contact them or check out their website. 

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