Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine's Day Dinner @ Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang.

Wondering where should you and your lover enjoy this memorable day of Valentine for this year? "Love is in the air" at Eastin Hotel Penang this coming Valentine's Day, they are offering a 5-course dinner priced at Rm 238++ per couple and early birds get to enjoy a special discount of 5% for full payment by credit card before February 1st, 2013. Guests that were to enjoy their Valentine's Day meal at Eastin can opt to stay in their rooms after the dinner at a promotional price of Rm 120++ per night (instead of Rm 200++). A few bloggers along with the media were invited to sample some of their delectable dishes offered for the memorable night. The 5-course dinner consists of an appetizer, soup, a main course of your choice (choose from 2 options), dessert and 2 glasses of House wine and Pralines (Chocolates in this case). 

For inquiries or reservations, kindly call Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang at 604- 612 1111. This promotion is valid on Valentine's Day itself ONLY.

For Appetizer, diners will be served Duck Confit Lasagna and Lily Pulp, Spinach with Sun-Dried Tomato Essence (百合菠菜配干番茄精华法式鸭排千层面). The Duck was very flavorful and aromatic to my liking, it was first marinated overnight and braised in 80 to 100'C oil for 11 hours. I was amazed by the taste, everything just worked perfectly together except for the Sun Dried Tomato, not that the taste does not match with the dish but the texture instead, it was chewy for me, I would definitely prefer it to be softer. Otherwise, this would be a perfect dish for an appetizer.

We had Seafood Consomme with Pearl Vegetables and Egg Custard (海鲜与青蔬菜蛋羹汤) as soup. The soup was garnished with some Black Caviar too. Despite the fact that I agree with their concept to be light and healthy so it won't be too heavy for diners before the main course but I was not expecting the Consomme to be so bland that it lacked of something. I had to sprinkle some extra salt before my second sip. No complaints for the Egg Custard and Prawn though.

As mentioned, diners are allowed to choose their Main Course (from 2 options). This was their Oven Roasted Sea Bass rolled with Lobster Mousse served with Spicy Sauce (龙虾慕斯配辣酱烤鲈鱼卷). Chef Daniel's concept was to have the tenderness of the Fish blended with the rich flavor of the Lobster. The dish tasted okay for me overall, would be suitable for fish lovers but given the 2 options, I would go over the second option, which will be the Chicken.

The dish Grilled Chicken Supreme rolled with Asparagus and Cheese served with Morels Cream Sauce (芦笋奶酪配龙葵酱烤鸡卷) was perfect. We were told that the Chicken Breast was rolled with some Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese and Camembert Cheese. I had to agree that the amount of Cheese should not be too much given that the Morels Cream Sauce was creamy and rich enough to complement the Chicken. Some complaint about the texture of the Chicken Breast but it worked perfectly fine for me. I just love the meaty-bite-texture of the Chicken Breast. 

Chef Daniel was creative enough to create the dessert- Spicy Mango Cheese Cake and Deep Fried Iced Chocolate (香辣芒果芝士蛋糕与冰炸巧克力). The Deep Fried Iced Chocolate was not worth of mentioning since the taste and texture was below par. The main focus here would be their Spicy Mango Cheese Cake where chopped Cili Padi/ Bird's Eye Chilies will be added into the Mango Gelatin and sandwiched them together (a total of 5 layers). The Spicy Mango Cheese Cake was lovely, rich and creamy enough to my liking. However, I just could not accept a Spicy Cheese Cake, it was a bit odd for me but nevertheless, it was a good attempt trying out new things.

Valentine's Day 5-course Dinner diners will be entitled to 2 glasses of complimentary House Wine and Pralines (香醇葡萄酒配巧克力). Photos above showing the settings for the tables on Valentine's Day.

A big Thanks to Chef Daniel Tan (Executive Sous Chef of Eastin Hotel Penang) for preparing such a wonderful meal for us.

Additional Information:
Price: Rm 238++ (Valentine's Day 5-course Dinner, price subject to 10% Service Charge and 6% Government Tax).
Address: Swez Brasserie, Ground Floor Eastin Hotel Penang. 1, Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang. 
Contact Number: 604- 612 1111

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