Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thai Food at Food Court @ Tesco E-gate, Penang.

Ever wonder if there is anything delicious and tempting enough for you to patron at a food court in a shopping mall ? Well, here is the interesting part, you can actually find something interesting in this food court situated in Tesco E-gate Penang. There is this stall selling authentic, delicious yet inexpensive Thai food but the variety is quite restricted due to the spaces of their stall, they serve Tom Yum and Thai Laksa particularly. Other than those, they do serve appetizers like Som Tam and desserts like Mango Sticky Rice. The best part is the price ranges from Rm3 to Rm6 only. 

Most of the staff (most probably they are Thai) here do not speak Hokkien (a common dialect in Penang) but they do understand basic Malay and Hokkien, however, the lady boss does speak Hokkien and decent Mandarin.

Som Tam ( Thai Papaya Salad, Rm 5) With just Rm5, the Som Tam comes in an unbelievably huge portion. For those who adore spicy food, you can opt to add more chilies (upon request) if you wish to, the Som Tam will be pretty spicy by default. The sourness was just right based on my liking, the dried shrimps were actually the soul of this dish, they gave the salad an unusual aroma and crunchiness. Recommended.

Thai Laksa (Rm 4) It comes with a big portion with a lot of raw vegetables like bean sprouts, cabbage and cucumber. If you are not used to the pungent smell of those raw vegetables, its advisable to request to the waitress to slightly cook them under the boiled water. A few slices of basil leaves will be topped as garnish as well. Basically other than these, there was much ingredients in this Thai Laksa, the soup was quite creamy and rich, obviously the soup was made from coconut milk and cooked together with fish (sardines mostly). Taste was pretty good for me but it was a bit unacceptable for one of my friend who dislike the smell of coconut milk.

Mango Sticky Rice (Rm 5) Freshly cut mango being laid on a bed of soft and tender glutinous rice and topped with a scoop of fresh coconut milk. The glutinous rice was actually a mixture of sweet and salty, the sweet origins from the cooking process where the saltiness comes from the coconut milk I believe. The mango was just okay, probably the season was not right, it would be ideal if the mango is a bit sweeter. Recommended.

Some Thai Dessert (Rm 3) I could not name this dessert but its a mixture of herbal jelly, sago cubes and jack fruits. Its something similar to water chestnut dessert but they differ from instead of water chestnut, this dessert uses sago cubes instead. The taste was pretty decent but the coconut milk was not fresh enough and it could be better if they could use more jack fruits on this dessert but I have no complaints since its just Rm3.

Taste: 7.5/10
Price: 9.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Parking: 8/10
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No

Additional Information:
Address: 2nd floor (food court of Tesco E-gate), No 1, Lebuh Tengku Kudin 1, Bandar Jelutong 11700, Penang.
Business Hours: 10am - 10.30pm Daily.

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