Friday, July 1, 2011

Gee Seng Seafood @ Bukit Tambun

Bukit Tambun is always famous for the fresh and inexpensive seafood you can get in Penang. Those seafood restaurant in Gurney area can cut your throat, so its most preferred for us (penangites) to go out of Penang island to hunt for cheap and good quality seafood. Gee Seng has always been my choice amongst those restaurants there, probably influences from my parents and my relatives, its the restaurant with cheapest price you can get, well, according to them that is.

Before you get your hands on the seafood, a plate of fried bee hoon (Rm10) is recomended. Its not a must but usually those seafood just won't make you full enough, so you might need some bee hoon or noodles or even white rice. It depends on your own preferences.

Boiled octopus or " tuu boh sw-in" in our local dialect (Rm 12). Topped with some deep fried garlic, it is best to go with the specially made chili sauce. The texture was kept to perfect (abit springy but it wasn't too hard to chew)  due to the perfect timing in cooking.

Introduced by the waitress, their famous stir fried vegetables (Rm 40). The triangle thing was actually something like abalone, where it tastes like abalone and it feels like abalone, though we all knew it wasn't. Cashewnuts, ginko, broccoli and mushrooms etc were also added. I adore the texture and the taste of the "abalone", sweet and tasty, although the dish was pretty simple, but the taste was superb. Simplicity is the best. Recommended.

Thorn Snail (Rm 12). They are actually something like those shellfish where the flesh hidden inside the shell, the shells are a bit spiky, you will need a tooth pick to extract the flesh out from the shell. Basically it has no taste at all so you will need some chili sauce to go with it too. The "fishy" flavour is actually quite strong so for those who don't really adore that kind of taste, I suggest that you shall pass this dish.

Claypot seafood toufu (Rm 12) The dish was actually quite worth it considering the portion and the price. It comes in a very large portion, the toufu was fried to golden brown and stir fried with a lot of vegetables and meat then covered with a thick gravy. It was a bit disappointing since they named it claypot, but instead, they were using the plastic bowl to serve it. It would be better if they can maintain the hotness of the dish.

Nestum Prawns (Rm52). The nestum was fried with butter first and the prawns were deep fried till golden brown. They then mixed both of them together with some added chili and spices. Personally i adore this dish as you can actually chew the prawn's head as it was too crispy. I adore the buttery flavour too. Highly recommended.

Steamed fish in teo chew style (Rm 29) The sauce was prepared in the Teo Chew way which was abit sourish. Pickled plum and picked vegetables were added to increase the sourness of the sauce, it brings out the flavour of the fish and they actually had a burner underneath the plate to continuously giving heat to the fish, so it was still warm while it was served to us. Various kinds of fish can be ordered, just ask for more information from the waitress and she'll be glad to tell you, recommended.

Baked Mantis Prawns (Rm 8 each) The prawns were actually quite fresh and they were still swimming in the aquarium tank situated outside of the restaurant. You can just pick from there and ask them to cook for you. Fresh and authentic flavour. Basically it was a very good place for seafood lovers, however, I found that the flies over there were outnumbered, as in your dishes will be flooded with flies in a second. So do take note and not to leave your dining tools exposed or at least, wash them before you had your scrumptious meal.

Taste: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10
Parking: 7/10
Services: Good
Government Tax: No
Service Charge: No
Additional Information:
Address: 860 Bagan Bukit Tambun, 14110 Simpang Ampat.
Phone Number: 04- 588 7220

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