Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dragon9ine @ Bellisa Row, Jalan Burmah, Penang

This newly opened restaurant is situated at Bellisa Row, Jalan Burmah. Dragon9ine serves authentic chinese cuisine but the choices are pretty limited tho. If you don't feel like eating rice with a few dishes, you can opt for wanton mee, fried san mee, fried rice and congee only. There is no other options. So we had to pick a few dishes and go with the rice like ordinary homemade dinner.

You will notice a sheet of paper with a white oval shape stuff with a star in front of your dining table. The white oval object is actually for you to draw out your mood or your expression on that particular time. You can request for some crayons as well. But the crayons were dirty, so we did not actually draw.

The precious white rice (Rm 1.20 each bowl). We had to actually wait for the rice to be served AFTER a couple of dishes have been served. They should serve the white rice first instead of letting us wait and in the mean time, our dishes turned cold.

Stir Fried Nai Pak (Rm 6.80) It comes in a small portion and all they have there are just green vegetables and a couple cloves of garlic. Normal and ordinary enough.

Chicken Chop Topped With Szechuan Sauce (Rm 8.80). What you see was what we get. A small portion for the chicken again. Frankly speaking, i cant even taste the meat, the chicken was thickly coated with flour, deep fried and topped with Szechuan sauce. I would prefer a ordinary chicken chop with oriental sauce tho. Disappointing dish.

At my first glance, i thought this is the one that i am waiting for, but unfortunately, it wasn't. The texture of the toufu was horrible. It was completely different from what i was expecting, the toufu itself wasn't smooth at all. The whole dish was rather tasteless. Should i blame the price of salt and soya sauce ?

Ginger And Spring Onion Beef (Rm 11.80) This was the best dish of the night. The texture of the beef was very tender and juicy. The spring onions were nicely cooked either. But the portion was pretty pathetic. Still good tho.

Honey Lemon Tea (Rm 5.00) The beverages are damn expensive in this restaurant. Even for a chrysanthemum tea, they are charging for Rm4 each. The honey lemon tea was okay, the taste and fragrance of the honey still can be tasted.

The interior design for the restaurant was nice and cozy but unfortunately, the price for the food is a little bit expensive for me considering the portion. Their services weren't good either (serving the white rice late).

Taste: 6/10
Price: 5.5/10
Parking: 4/10
Services: Very Bad
Government Tax: Yes
Service Charge: Yes
Additional Information:
Address: Dragon9ine 368-1-5 , Bellisa Row, Pulau Tikus 11350 Penang.
Phone Number:  04- 229 4099
Business Hours: 11am - 11pm.

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