Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brewery Tap Bier Houz @ D Piazza Penang

Bought the online vouchers from, was planning to go with classmates, we were actually quite excited with the price the vouchers being sold which was Rm 11.50 for a set meal (dinner or lunch). The set meal comes with a bowl of soup, a main course, two side dishes, a cup of ice lemon tea and a pudding. It was a huge disappointment after all. We were expecting something better but unfortunately it wasn't what we wanted at first.
The disappointment starts with the mushroom soup. You can actually taste the soup that has the exactly taste with the Campbell instant mushroom soup. It wasn't freshly cooked. They just sprinkled some parsley on top of it. There wasn't any pepper provided or served on the table to go with the soup.

Half slice of garlic bread was given to each set meal ordered only. It was okay, garlic and buttery flavoured and a bit crispy. Frankly speaking, i found that the garlic bread was the best food ever served on that night.

Okay, so the set comes in a pathetically small portion which was different from the poster we saw on Another amusing thing was one of the side dishes we ordered was the grill vegetables, unfortunately it comes with a sliced button mushrooms and two leaves of green vegetables only.

The portion of the pasta was rather small as well. Basically, you can finish them within few scoops. The pasta were tasteless and they were greedy in giving the pasta sauce. It ended up being a disastrous side dish. They do have a few kinds of main course, the one above was fried chicken topped with some sauce. The fried chicken doesn't changed, instead, they changed the sauce for you, depending on what you've ordered. The chicken was way too oily for me.

The upper photo was indiana chicken and the below was barbecue chicken. Unfortunately, both of them were the same thing before the sauce were added. The chicken chop was thinly sliced and ended up being too hard and overcooked. Worst part was the oil kept leaking out from the chicken. My lips were covered with oils the time i was finished with the chicken. Horrible.

Roast lamb, the presentation for the lamb was a failure as i would expect a roast lamb chop or at least something that comes in a whole piece but ended up I'm getting this chopped or sliced lamb. It was very dried the moment it was served. But the sauce wasn't too shabby and it was better than chicken.

Frankly speaking, it was a total disappointment, i wouldn't return to this restaurant anymore unless there are further compliments from my friends or readers. But of course, i shouldn't blame them for the portion as i bought them at a fairly low price but the service was horrible either. The waitresses were very confused with our orders until they had to verify with us. I don't really recommend but i shall post this and share with those who have bought the ezivouchers coupon online just like me. The place might be good for drinks but definitely not for a meal.

Taste: 4/10
Price: 7/10
Parking: 9/10
Services: Very Bad
Government Tax: No
Service Charge: No


  1. I bought it too.. but was thinking.. it was just RM11.50... so... no harm trying

  2. Yea, but after i've tried it, i don think its worth...

  3. Get real lar, what do you expect from a Rm11.50? You want it cheap, and you want it taste good , nice enviroment and excellent service? Name me one place that serve your description anywhere in Malaysia! Rm11.50 is a hawker price, but what you get now is additional bonuses like nice enviroment and free drinks and dessert! i think you are the sort of typical chinese who will complain anything other than mamak food, which will come up with almost rm10 a plate and you will still say worth it! idiot.

  4. Hi there, im pretty sure with Rm11.50 i can places that serves me well, at least if it doesnt,i would expect something edible, the chicken was way too oily, try it urself, unless you are talking on behalf of that restaurant

  5. But you didnt mention anywhere is your post where you could get rm11.50 set with nice enviroment :)

  6. namely santorini cafe. Although might be slightly more expensive, but im paying it accordingly to my satisfaction. If one were to pay a certain amount of money but was unhappy with the food/service/environment, its equal to nothing. Although the environment was decent (not to say good as beside the dining area was a pub), but the food quality was horrible. It does not equal to the money im paying. Thus, the deal was definitely not worth for me. Its my personal opinion anyway, you can think whatever you like and i shall have no more replies on that.

  7. Am i the biz owner? Certainly not. Only foolish biz owner will sign up with coupons related company. Because majority of coupons buyer are cheapskate, and not only are they cheap, they complain the most too. To understand more, perhaps you can read this article and all the comments below the article.

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  9. Hmm...after reading the article, i agreed with some the points pointed out especially the misleading and groupon is earning a lot part...but i also would love to stress that your point of view which says consumers who bought on9 vouchers are cheapskate was inappropriate. The thought of saving money is the nature of consumers, consumers tend to use and spend their money conservatively and trying to save as much as possible. It is up to the biz owner himself to decide whether the deal is acceptable, similarly to the biz owner in the article, he/she cleverly counted and analyzed the costs and profits which I think its THE appropriate way of running a biz, by having promotions on on9 voucher-websites, you seem to agree and telling the whole world that you are capable of making money and should not later blame anyone instead. However, I do agree that certain businesses cant afford to have promotions/discounts via E-vouchers websites but again, its all up to the biz owner/management to decide and count their costs out.Consumers are absolutely rational and correct in acting such way.

  10. Ken, thats the problem. Many of these biz owner are already near "close-shop" senario, thats why they choose the option of going groupon. I have read all the comments on the website, and found many biz owner were actually duped by groupon promise. They did not realise that not only are they offering their product/food for 50% discount, on top of that Groupon actually take another 40-50% of the sales. So, in total a RM10 food, the biz owner can only take back RM3. This obviously cannot cover the material and overhead cost. So, the more voucher Groupon sold, the more these "near close shop" owner are going broke faster.

    Also, Groupon hold their money for like 1-2 months before paying them, thus impacting the cash flow. So, going voucher way is definetely a no for smart biz owner.

    By the way, i am not associated with the comment above, just incase you thought it was me.

  11. yea, i have heard about rumours too, i guess thats up to those biz owners to decide, thx for ur comments btw.