Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hei Yeong Seng Chinese Restaurant @ Penang Plaza

If you had passed by Burmah Road, you'd notice a newly renovated building -- Penang Plaza (formerly known as FIMA or GIANT burmah road). This restaurant is owned by the organization that owns this building itself. Hei Yeong Seng is situated on 2nd floor of penang plaza. Its a restaurant that serves authentic chinese cuisine where according the waitress, the main chef was originated from CRC penang which is one of the top chinese restaurant in penang island.

Peanuts (rm2.00) and chinese tea (rm1.00 per person) were served upon us after we've taken our order tho the peanuts are given to every table regardless you accept it or not, they will still charge you for that rm2.00, similarly to Dragon-I in Queensbay Mall.

Seafood Fried San Mee ( fried wanton mee, rm12.00 for 2 person), indeed, this was 1 of the best san mee i've ever tasted, the gravy was very smooth and tasty, everything was fresh, esp the prawns. The noodles were still crispy the time it was served. Highly recommended.
A bowl of soup will be served to every customer and most importantly, its free of charge !!! Tho its free, but the taste wasnt shabby at all.
Stir Fried Kai Lan with garlic (rm15.00) this dish was just superb, the veges were fresh, nicely cooked and the texture is just nice and crunchy. I just don like some people overcooked the veges end up they've lost the texture that vege is supposed to have.

Seng Li Fried Chicken (Victory chicken ? rm15, half bird.) The chicken skin was fried till crispy and the meat was still very tender and juicy. It works perfectly with the specially prepared salt which was fried with herbs before. I wouldnt order fried chicken normally mainly due to the texture of the chicken will be damn rough and tasteless but i adore this one. Simply amazing.
I was surprised by the standard of this chinese restaurant, i was being judgemental due to the restaurant lacks of customers the time i went in and it was too quiet. I thought the food must be expensive and nasty. But obviously i was wrong, the food was great, service provided was awesome, price was decent. Awesome. Would definitely visit this restaurant again in the near future to try on some other dishes. They do provide catering for birthday parties, wedding dinner too. Mother's day promotion is open for reservation as well. Fresh seafood are available too, they provide service exactly like CRC restaurant. Highly recommended, try it out folks !!

Taste: 9.5/10
Services: Very Good
Government Tax: No
Service Charge: Yes
Additional Information:
Address: Lot 207-221, 2nd floor, penang plaza. No. 126, Jalan Burmah, 10050 Penang.
Business Hour: 11.45am- 2.30pm (lunch) / 6.00pm- 9.45pm (dinner)
Contact Number: 04-229 1623
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