Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little cottage @ Burmah Road, Penang

Had dinner with cs and andrew last night....we went to this restaurant(Little cottage) near 'chow tian yang's aquarium and few minutes walk from new world park'.....actually this is a recommendation from eddie and i saw some post on my senior's blog (kay sen) was rather i decided to try on were damn blur due to the lightings pls bear with it =(

The place was quite hard to locate.....and its quite small anyway , this is the exterior of the restaurant....they actually offer some sort of 5-course set meal with desert and the 3 of us attempted their set dinner

We chose ice lemon tea but instead of this , u can order hot coffee/tea.....and in the center was butter roll....but their so called butter roll is butter and the 'roll' are separated.....the bread wasnt made from butter....its 'kosong' and u just spread some butter on it....=.="

Andrew's garlic bread....didnt taste it ...but i think its quite crunchy as i heard the cracking sound when he chew

Andrew's mushroom chicken (rm29.90).....its actually something like fried chicken plus some creamy mushroom sauce on it....serving portion was just ok according to him and the taste as well....

Sry for the poor quality...this is cs's chicken and prawn picatta (rm34.90) or something like that....the name was hard to portion was pathetically SMALL......those things actually occupied 30 % of the plate......anyway , the chicken was quite aromatic and prawn was fresh....

My lamb shoulder and chicken combo set (rm38.90)...i owned the biggest portion of the night....muahahaha....andrew's and cs's look so tiny compared to mine....a big portion of lamb shoulder and a chicken chop beneath the lamb shoulder...taste was superb....but 1 thing i need to comment on is the texture of the hard to chew....its like chewing bubble gum....maybe they should use some tenderiser instead =(........

Haiz....i know its blur but this is actually the best shot for the upper layer is some sort of milky pudding stuff....lower part is strawberry sauce/pudding/jam....anyway , the strawberry thingy tastes like jam !!!...i just couldnt finish it as i felt its kinda that putting some jam in ur mouth without a bread !!! *roar* anyway , bill total up rm tax and service i guess its still ok right XD

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