Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ching Huat Seafood @ Bagan Lalang, Mainland of Penang.

Sorry for no new update these few days , my relatives from singapore came.....was busy driving them here and there.....anyway , i managed to shoot some photos as my parents brought them to mainland =).......its actually quite hard to its located in a here are some shot of the day :

Im sure that u guys will be surprised why would a seafood restaurant offer fried bee hun.....but this restaurant is special....they don have any rice but instead , they offer fried bee hun and fried noodle....taste was quite nice....but the soul of this bee hun is their gives the bee hun lives !!!

Similar to fried bee hun , just that this 1 is fried noodle....quite moist ei XD

This is the best dish of all in this restaurant....steamed fish !!...u wont believe the size and its damn fresh....they just add some garlic and ginger slices into the fish...and the taste is just simply starting to miss this fish =(

Steamed 'la-la'.....similar to the fish.....fresh and tasty =D

Deep fried spring chicken......nice and aromatic but its a bit salty i would say....still , its good XP

Fried 'tou kua'....its actually has some belacan flavour in it.....quite fragrant and crunchy though

Fried sotong with curry powder .....nothing special just like those sotong in curry just that its dried version....the squid is fresh though

This is another specialty by them...'tuak'...which means coconut beer.....its a bit sourish yet , a bit has a very strong flavour that been produced during the fermentation of the alcohol with coconut....its not acceptable by least 1 of my uncle reject it =(

U might be surprised about the environment.....but yea....its a bit dirty and the place will be full of mud after rainy days....but whenever there are some tasty food...who cares right XD.....also , the place will be full of ppl during weekends...not sure where it is , if u are interested , just ask me via msn or chatbox.....i just know its in permatang pauh =(


  1. XD i went b4. but very234 long time ago.. must ask my mom bring me there tomorrow then/gg
    kesian u.. work part time ah? morning as teacher. evening as driver XD kesian..

  2. i been there before... order a big fish but i didnt drink the tuak... lol dun dare