Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weld Quay (Tree Shade) Seafood @ Weld Quay, Penang.

As the name suggested, this eatery has a huge tree resting inside, in fact, its right in front of the main entrance to the restaurant. This place should not be too unfamiliar for Penangites as it has been operating at the same place for many years. Weld Quay Seafood is facing the main road of Penang Jetty/ Ferry Terminal. The place is often filled with people as well, especially during weekends or festive seasons. I've been hearing a lot of good compliments about their affordable prices and the freshness of the seafood. Upon entering the place, their fresh-caught seafood and vegetables will be displayed on the little kiosk set up there, staff will be taking orders at there as well. One can simply choose what they desired and straight away ask for quotation and place their orders there. The customer flow was very heavy and we had to ask three times for the bill. The person in charge was too busy and I don't even have a chance to ask her for the individual price. Total damage was Rm 54, including drinks and white rice for four. It will be a bit troublesome to find parking at that area, but you can always find some parking at the road next to it, tho some walking might be required. Price-wise, was affordable for most dishes, but try to ask for price quotation first before you place your order if you are on a tight budget. Their fast-service was something impressive as well, so need not to worry on the time it takes to serve the food.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tian Ding Xiang (天鼎香) @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

I have never tried/visited any of the newly opened restaurants on 5th and 6th floor of Gurney Plaza after the extension/renovation. Despite the fact that there are a lot of interesting new restaurants opened there, this restaurant (Tian Ding Xiang) caught my attention, mainly due to their outrageous long queue of customers during weekends and their creative yet unique dishes offered. Strategically located at 6th floor of Gurney Plaza, Tian Ding Xiang is a Chinese restaurant that offers unique and delicate Chinese dishes, with some fusion dishes available. This place is always crowded with people especially during weekends or special events/occasions. One of the most appealing dishes/soups that I find was their Black Chicken with Shark's Bones (鲨鱼骨炖乌鸡汤), I wish to try this out but unfortunately, it was not available on the day I visited. If you are having a family lunch/dinner, this might be a very suitable place for you as they have a wide variety of Chinese dishes with reasonable prices (extra marks for them for charging 5% service charge ONLY--no government tax). I would say that there is a need of improvements on their service (probably due to lack of staff).

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Famous Bowl (旺盅宝) @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

Previously Xuan Xin Lok Lok Steamboat Restaurant, it has now turned into this brand new restaurant-Famous Bowl (managed by Xuan Xin Sdn. Bhd.). Famous Bowl is located at the same place as Xuan Xin Lok Lok Steamboat restaurant does earlier ago, which is on the 7th floor of Gurney Plaza, Penang (behind SenQ and beside Next Stop). As the name suggested, Famous Bowl had most of its dishes served in a bowl, instead of plates, which here, referring to rice/noodle dishes. Famous Bowl categorizes most of their dishes (Chinese cuisine/dishes) into few categories, namely "Hong Kong Famous", "China Famous", "Taiwan Famous", "Local Famous", "Thai Famous" and their "Famous Double-Boiled Soup". Most of the prices ranging from Rm 8.80 to Rm 16.80, which I find them pretty economical due to their portions. However, their beverages are rather pricey (mineral water costs Rm2.50). Improvements on service needed, the waiter whom served me seemed to be very impatient from the questions I've asked. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Yooogurt Cafe @ 1st Avenue Mall, Penang.

** This outlet has since ceased its operation.**

Frozen Yogurt has been one of the latest healthy-food trend in Penang, with one outlet mushrooming right after another, it's no longer that hard to find one of these anymore, in fact, there are two kiosks selling frozen yogurt at 1st Avenue Mall itself. Located at the lower ground floor of 1st Avenue Mall Penang, It's Yooogurt offers one of the most affordable frozen yogurt in Penang. Similarly to other frozen yogurt outlets, they do provide their customers with some additional toppings as well and the price will be depending on the weight of your frozen yogurt, which is 100g for Rm5.50. If you are visiting them during weekends, then you will entitled to a 5% discount. Everything will be self-service. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sweet-i Dessert House (甜在心糖水屋) @ Lip Sin, Penang.

Sweet-i is always my favorite dessert house when it comes to home-made and healthy desserts, but due to some of their rental issues, they were moving around and now, they have finally stabilized and have their new outlet opened in Taman Lip Sin (opposite to the empty land next to Phor Tay Secondary school). Sweet-i serves their home-made desserts in a healthier way, as in all of their desserts are less-sweetened. In case you might be interested, they were previously located at Sungai Dua, opposite to Tesco Extra. They have moved into their new outlet few weeks ago. They do have some special desserts every day, if you wish to receive more of their latest/updated news, you might follow their Facebook page (will be provided below). Price-wise, I'd consider that as cheap considering their huge portion. Service will be very attentive since they have increased/hired a few staff. They will be offering some other non-dessert but healthy dishes as well, like their Herbal Soup (please check with them personally on the availability if you wish to savor this healthy Herbal Soup). Ample parking spaces around the area, you might park right in front of their place too. I strongly recommend those who have a sweet-tooth to try their desserts out, you will definitely enjoy all these homely and down to earth desserts. For the medicinal effects of certain desserts, you may ask them and I am sure that they will be very happy and proud to tell you that.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sweet Heaven Dessert House (蚂蚁窝) @ Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Ever since I've tasted Eggette (鸡蛋仔) at Hong Kong earlier ago, I've fallen in love with this light and crunchy snack, especially the texture of crispy and brings a hint of sweetness. Its not easy to find one in Penang, especially the Hong Kong style. Coincidentally, I've seen a dessert house offering one few months ago, but I could not visit due to the location. Situated at those new business shop houses at Bukit Mertajam (same area as Stone Age Cafe and same row as Tong Pak Fu Bukit Mertajam), Sweet Heaven Dessert House offers a wide variety desserts, be it warm desserts or refreshing cold desserts but my recommendation will be on their Eggette. To go to Sweet Heaven Dessert House, from Autocity Juru, drive for five minutes to Bukit Mertajam/ Alma/ Kulim direction (via Seven Village Koay Teow Th'ng/ a.k.a. Qit-Long at Bukit Tengah/ nearby shop houses/ housing residents), you will find a very small roundabout towards the end of the traffic light which you will also find a lot of newly built business shop houses right in front of you, turn left and you should find Sweet Heaven Dessert House on your right hand side. Price-wise, was very reasonable and will definitely be a good value in return. Ample parking spaces available around the area as well.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Peranakan/ Nyonya Cuisine @ Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel, Penang.

So what's happening in Penang recently ? If you are a buffet lover/hunter, then you might be interested to read more on this blog post. In the month of July, 2012 (1/7/2012 to 31/7/2012), Eastin Hotel Penang will be offering promotions on their Peranakan Cuisine, an array of authentic and palatable Peranakan themed dishes will be offered. In conjunction with this promotion of theirs, some bloggers along with magazines editors and reporters were invited to sample some of their dishes which will be offered during the promotion. The Peranakan cuisine will be available during lunch, hi-tea, and dinner; prices are as follows:

Lunch: Monday - Friday
12pm to 2:30pm
Rm 48++ (adult), Rm 24++ (children)

Hi-Tea: Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
12pm to 3pm
Rm 55++ (adult), Rm 28++ (children)

Hi-Tea: Festive Occasions (7th July 2012-- Georgetown World Heritage Day)
12pm to 3pm
Rm 68++ (adult), Rm 34++ (children)

Semi-Buffet Dinner: Monday - Thursday (2-19th July 2012)
6:30pm to 10pm
From Rm 48++ per person

Swez Brasserie Cafe is just located at Ground floor of Eastin Hotel Penang, right beside the main hotel lobby. They do have a lot of promotions going on too, as for their buffet, the theme changes every month, you may refer to their website or follow their Facebook page for the latest/ most updated theme of the month. 

July Credit Card Promotions:
MAYBANKARD, VISA, CIMB, and UOB card members, guests can enjoy a 15% discount for Peranakan Cuisine Semi Buffet Dinner (Monday to Thursday), Weekend Buffet Dinner (Friday to Sunday) and Ramadan Buffet Dinner (Daily) from 6:30pm to 10pm. Besides, MAYBANKARD card members can enjoy the exclusive Buy 4 Free 1 promotion for Peranakan Cuisine Hi-Tea (Saturday & Sunday) and Weekend Buffet Dinner (Friday to Sunday) too.