Thursday, April 8, 2010

Max Gourmet @ Gurney Plaza

Max Gourmet is located at level 7 in Gurney Plaza (same level as GSC cinema), this restaurant is a branch of max gourmet dim sum in pekaka square (will blog about it someday =P)

Their famous eggtart(rm1.50), tastes awesome, the outer layer of this tart was damn crispy and the custard in the middle was just nice, not too sweet nor watery

Max Xiao Long Bao (rm3.50), was a failure, the taste was just not right, ntg much worth to mention
Prawn dumpling (rm3.00), the prawns were fresh and this was bring served scorching hot, highly recommended ^^

Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun-prawn (rm3.90), this is superb, the best chee cheong fun i ever had, their soya sauce is just too good, works well with the chee cheong fun

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun-Yau Char Kui (rm3.90)

This is their Sze Chaun noodle in sour and spicy soup (rm5.90), comes in a big portion, taste was pretty decent, and its not spicy at all =(

Hong Kong Seafood dumpling Ramen (rm7.90), noodle was just ok but the dumpling is perfect, u can find a prawn in each dumpling, and of coz, they are pretty fresh too =D
Prices were quite economical, but there will be a 10% service charge added upon ur bill ^^

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Japin Japanese Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

 Japin is located in 2nd floor of queensbay mall, they serve ramen and bento mainly, so belows are some of our attempts :
Miso Seafood Ramen (rm19.90), it comes in a big portion, the soup was simply awesome but the noodles were just ok i think, and the seafood was damn fresh XD
Japin Ramen(rm15.90), i think this is their signature dish, the soup was quite nice too but the meat was abit overcooked
Some sort of almond desert (rm5.80), this is the best almond desert i ever had, the taste was just nice, not too strong nor too sweet
This salad will be given if u order the meal in a set, just add another rm1.80 to the normal ramen and u will get this and a cup of greentea
Prices are quite reasonable over here as the portion and the quality of the food are pretty decent(at least to me), 10% of service charge will be added to ur bill