Thursday, May 20, 2010

Xian Ding Wei@Queensbay Mall

Next to sakae sushi, level 2 in queensbay mall, penang, xian ding wei is operated under the same organization as canton-i and dragon-i. Decided to give it a try since they are selling taiwanese cuisine, here are some of our orders:

Beef Noodle (rm14.90) , taste was a bit weird compared to wat i had b4 and its a bit salty for me, otherwise, its pretty decent

This is pork intestine + some sort of noodle(mee sua,rm9.90), its idea how it tastes like ,ask my cousin sis, lol

Black Pepper beef set meal (rm23.90), the beef was pretty decent, damn tender and perfectly marinated, the side dishes and the soup were just so so, no taste at all....

Ice blended top with red beans (rm6.90), was damn nice, the red beans were damn soft and the ice cream was nice either, highly recommended ^^

The food was just ok and nothing special to me, yet, the price was damn expensive and i think they are abit over-priced, personal opinion though...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hainanese Delights @ 1926 Heritage Hotel, Burmah Road, Penang

There is a very famous hainanese restaurant in 1926 heritage hotel, heard of it many time and finally, i have the chance to visit this restaurant myself today, the renovation in the restaurant was pretty cosy, anyway, din manage to order much today, here are our orders :

This is one of the signature dish--hainanese spring roll (rm 12), the outer layer of the spring roll was fried till crispy and the stuffing's were awesome too, it works well with the sourish sauce, highly recommended ^^

This is a dish recommended my mom, its their chicken pie (rm 12), it comes with a rather crispy pastry but creamy fillings inside, the pastry is best served with the creamy fillings, together, they'll create a unique texture and taste, i love this =D

Inchee Kay Bin (fried chicken--rm15), again, 1 of my favourites, the chicken was nearly perfect, i couldnt ask more

This is their fried hor fun (rm7.90), tastes decent, but its just not my type, i don really favours oily food

The boss is kind enough for giving these to us for FREE, it should be rm1.50 per piece if im not mistaken, its very aromatic and its SPICY , lovely

Sorry for the poor quality, this is their hainan coffee (rm8), my mom and my aunt ordered this, and they think its superb, i have no idea coz i don drink coffee XD

Hainanese delights is located inside 1926 heritage hotel, 5% govt tax will be added to ur bill
Address : 1926, Heritage Hotel, 228, Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ah Chek BBQ steambot restaurant @ Relau/Bukit Jambul

***Pls take note that this restaurant has since closed down.***
This newly opened restaurant is located near lakeside tower, 3mins away from inti college, we decided to try it on as we passed by and we saw that the restaurant was loaded with people, basically its buffet style steambot restaurant again, i think this has became a trend in penang, where u can select the ingredients u wan and cook it urself, but the interesting part is all u can eat, and here are some photos i shot from the restaurant :

They are providing their customers with a wide range of selection, this is their fried rice, its superb, damn aromatic, i ate 1 big bowl =D

Fried rice noodle, din get to try this as we were busy with our steambot itself XD

The ingredients.....i think i left out the fishballs and the seafood counter, T.T , oh ya, they have pork but not beef @.@

Our table =D , i wonder who ate those butter, such an unhealthy meal and we dont eat vege XD

I think its better to get ur seats outside the restaurant as its pretty warm in the restaurant, for adults, its rm18.90 per pax and they have discounts for senior citizen which at rm10 per pax

Monday, May 3, 2010

Noodle House @ D'Piazza, Bayan Baru, Penang

***This restaurant has since closed down. ***
Sorry of lack of updates on my blog, was busying with my assignments and mid term exams, anyway, had a chance to visit this restaurant.Noodle House was a newly open restaurant in D'Piazza which located in Bayan Baru area (beside sunshine square). Wouldnt elaborate much on the taste, lacking of time as im doing assignments,lol >.<"

Noodle House is serving both western food and local delicacies, pls allow me to post on the western side 1st......

Vanila Milk shake topped with whipped cream,tastes like milk, lol, it has a very strong milky and vanila flavour and most important,it is not sweet at all =)

Noodle House chicken chop--taste was awesome, the chicken was perfectly cooked and marinated to a certain degree, it was so aromatic esp with the specially made sauce(some black pepper sauce with some spices) by the restaurant

Sirloin steak, the taste was pretty decent too,it wasnt overcooked and the meat was tender enough yet keeping its juicy-ness

Lamb chop with some random mint was well marinated with rose marry and grilled to till perfect, taste was decent too but i think its abit over-cooked as it wasnt tender enough for me to chew,lol
Cod fish coated with some weird weird sauce, i feel sorry for the cod fish, i mean it doesnt meant to be treated that way , does it ? lol, i think its a waste of time and the fish was kinda thinly-sliced
This is their ox-tail soup...tastes great, with a little bit of spiciness added to the soup, it has a pretty strong flavour and i think its perfect to go with their garlic bread, highly recommended^^, small portion though XD
And now, lets move on to the local side........

Tom Yum seafood noodle was very very weird to see a green colour tom yum around, it has a very strong lime flavour, and it was too sour for me,it doesnt seem like its edible isnt it, but the seafood were fresh though.

I have no idea wat they call this thing, i think its beef something soup,lol, the soup was awesome,others no idea....p/s:the specs werent included in this meal,lol, i don eat specs >.<

Bak kut teh, in other words, PORK, don ask me whether its nice, i just know it comes with a rather big portion

There isnt any govt tax but there will be 5% service charge.