Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Noodle Station @ E-Gate Penang

Had lunch in this restaurant which located at E-gate (beside Tesco Penang,few doorstep away from Tao and Subway), no doubt , their specialty is noodles but my mom ordered a chicken chop set instead =.=" , so here are our orders :

Tom Yum seafood with noodles (rm7.50)......comes in a big portion and the soup was just superb , but still i would prefer a spicier taste and the noodles were nice too , kinda spongy =) and their services are good too , customers will be served with 4 kinds of chillies to go with the main dish=D

Chicken Chop in Black Pepper Sauce (rm10.90).....comes in a big portion as well , but the fries just let me down , its like a wilt-plant , lol , not crispy at all , the chicken chop is just so so and wat interesting is the fried egg , i have no idea how this works with chicken chop @.@

Teh Tarik Hazelnut (rm3.50).......din really taste the hazelnut but the teh tarik here is really smooth and aromatic =)

Some sort of soda drink called 'I Love Lemonade' (rm3.50).......basically its the combination of soda and lemonade , sourish and abit sweet but the portion is just horrible @.@

This restaurant offers wide selection of beverage and the environment is suitable for some chit-chat actions as well but do note that there will be 10% of service charge added to ur bill

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Cape Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

***This restaurant has moved to Jalan Burmah, Pulau Tikus***
Someone recommended this restaurant to me as he went with his mom and he thinks its kinda good.....so i decided to bring my mom to try it on as well,this restaurant is located on lvl 7 in gurney plaza , opposite GSC cinema and right beside SenQ.......below are our attempts :

Soya Milk with 'yau char koay' (rm4.50).....the soya milk comes in a big portion and the soya taste is so strong......not too sweet and they actually put in some 'sago' as well which light up the whole soya milk =)

This is 'Duck and Chicken Rice Barrel' (rm 10.90).....portion is just ok , chicken and duck were kinda overcooked.....quite hard to chew , rice was too soft and its abit tasteless.....im actually kinda disappointed with this dish , and every rice set comes with a soup and a desert and the rice actually sets in a wooden box , isnt that CUTE...lol

Meat Dumpling (rm7.00)......taste was ok but it wasnt as juicy as the 1 in shang hai ting's and the taste was actually quite similar also @.@

Scallop & Fish Porridge (rm 11.50).....the porridge comes in a perfectly ok portion and the taste was superb.....u can also notice tons of dried scallop swimming in it ,those coral-looking thingy was fried bee hun......by softening those into the porridge , it creates a special kind of texture and it really was a good idea =)
Milk Tea (rm3.50)......this is 1 of the best milk tea that i've tried.....so smooth and most importantly , its not too sweet , unlike kim gary , theirs are too sweet for me

The place wasnt too big , just a few tables inside this restaurant , a 10% service charge will be added to ur bill and 1 thing i like about this restaurant is they serve things hot =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jenxdan Vegetarian Restaurant @ Chow Thye Road, Penang

Went to this vegetarian restaurant for lunch just now........we get to know this restaurant from a magazine(foodsion).....its located in Chow Thye Road....somewhere near Burma Road.....so below are some of our orders :

All the above are included in a set lunch which cost around rm9.90 only......inclusive of 1 salad , 1 main course and desert(we were told that its actually fruits).....and the main course varies everyday.....the 1 we ordered was duck meat which comes with a rice.....the so called 'duck meat' was kinda spongy....and the sauce beside those duck meats are kinda sweet....but its still good enough for me =)

Pumpkin Soup(rm3.90)......comes with 2 slices of bread.....taste was pretty decent....coz i think they just added a little bit of heavy cream into it.....personally i would prefer those with more heavy cream in it =P

Organic Soya Milk(rm3.90)......taste like............soya milk...lol......nothing special just a thicker taste of soya and no sugar added to this drink at all....its natural sweetness
Peppermint Tea(rm3.90)......just like the ordinary Boh Tea/Earl Grey but instead , this 1 has peppermint flavour in it

Tom Yum Spaghetti (rm7.90).......was kinda disappointed with the soup.....sour but the spiciness din really meet my expectation.....

So there wasnt any tax nor service charge.....price was rather cheap for an organic meal......would recommend vegetarian lover to pay a visit to this restaurant =)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sin Kheang Aun Coffee House

Had lunch in this historical coffee house in penang few days ago......i heard they started their business few decades ago...they serve 'hainan' style cuisine which i don really like....but anyway , these are few of our orders :

Hainanese Chicken Chop.....same as 'hai on's chicken chop' , their chicken chop is served with heavy gravy but this 1 actually is better than the 1 in hai on's......their gravy is sweeter and much bigger in portion

Deep Fried Prawns in assam paste.....abit sourish but damn fragrant.....the adding of assam paste into prawns is brilliant.....so crunchy and the prawns are damn fresh , lovin it =)
Some sort of curry fish......fish was fresh , curry was pretty decent.....sourish in taste and not too spicy overall......

Stir-fried vegetables ......i think they put in some sort of pork kidney inside .....so nasty and horrible.....how could they put in such thing into the vege....poor vege =(......i think pork kidney-lovers might adore this dish though

Fishball toufu soup.....same as the above , i can see some pork intestine swimming inside this soup......its just horrible , everyone knows wat intestines are work for in our body right.....and they cook it in the soup summore @.@......no comment on the taste as i din drink a single drop of it woohoo ~~
Sin Kheang Aun coffee shop is located in Chulia Lane....its worth of trying if u adores the food that i mentioned above.....as those are the signature dish in this coffee shop =)