Monday, September 28, 2009

Kenny Roger@Queensbay mall

Same as usual , went to fetch my mom and went queens for lunch , had kenny roger's roaster chicken as my lunch ( lazy to elaborate , why not straight to the point XD ).....

2 muffins were being served b4 the main course arrive......there were 3 flavours to choose from , vanilla , chocolate and banana , the left 1 is vanilla the other 1 is banana....vanilla muffin tastes like its made from custard powder , where banana just like banana cake....and they were quite sweet...=(

Set meal....around rm15.90 per set , inclusive a quarter of chic and 3 side dishes....and a muffin....choices for the side dishes were quite a lot , garden salad , mash potatoes , potato salad , baked-red beans , macaroni with cheese etc......and their chicken was extremely tender =)....the sauce was perfect as well , everything is just nice

I sneaked into their counter and shot their owen , its scorching hot there.....but as the lightings werent so good , so ended up my pic wasnt impressive so pls bear with my poor quality of pic =D...anyway , kenny roger in queens is located at LG , quite near to the entrance of car park ,price was ok , but a bit expensive with their beverage , my ice lemon tea cost me rm5.90 ,anyway , its still not bad as they promote their meals under healthy condition--'less salt , less sugar and less fat' =D

Sunday, September 27, 2009

House of Steamboat @ Macalister road, penang.

Had dinner at this restaurant.....this restaurant was so famous , it was like almost everyone from penang had visited this restaurant at least once.....and as usual , it was damn in order to shoot some better quality photos , i decided to go there earlier =)....we reached at around 6.15pm.....but there were 7 tables ad =(....anyhow , still shoot quite a lot....they serve steamboat buffet where aside from ingredients for steamboat , they provide a wide variety of specialties that u can find in penang......

Some steamboat-ingredients....mostly are fish balls and seafood...there were some for the BBQ part as well ( pork , beef and chicken )

Its kinda weird that actually provide a lok lok stall in a steamboat restaurant , i mean like , lok lok and steamboat look alike in some ways is being cooked in boiled water =( .....personally i thought this stall was an 'extra' or rather a lame thing to have there....

They have some 'dim sum' for customers to choose from also , customers can have some dim sum first while waiting the soup to boil =)....a very good strategy ei

They are now serving poh piah as well =).....but of coz , don have high expectation on this....u might end up a huge disappointment XD

More than 8 kinds of sauces for u to choose from.....a salad bar beside those sauces also....but they were uncovered =( i dare not to try on that XD
They have some hong-kong style dessert or rather fried-version of dim sum as well....i must say that their egg tart is 1 of the best in town....the fillings of the egg tarts are just fragrant and full of custard flavour......i just had 1 would be too oily if u ate too much :S

A wide variety of beverage as well....air bendung , soya milk , ice lemon tea , barly , chinese tea etc....anything u like =)

Their so called ' shark fin soup ' , the texture was nasty , feel like eating glue =( and its quite salty as well.....

Ice kacang for dessert =)......u can scoop as much ice cream as u like as cream is good but the ice kacang was just so so ......something went wrong with the texture of the ice..not smooth enough

They offer 2 kinds of soup....tom yum and chicken stock

There will be a discount for senior citizen (aged above 55) which around rm13.90....whereas for adults are rm19.90....its extremely reasonable at this price for a buffet style meal.....its located on macalister road...just opposite UMNO building and beside lorong selamat.....try it out folks =)

Koay Teow Th'ng @ Aggryl road

This koay teow th'ng was qutie famous last time , b4 they moved to this coffee house , its been almost 2 years since my last visit to this koay teow th'ng stall , so for my blog's sake , i went there this morning =)......there is almost nothing in this coffee house but this koay teow th'ng....

Their dried version of koay teow th'ng , personally i prefer this version over the soup one as i don like hot stuff =(.....their sauce for this koay teow th'ng is a bit sweet but its quite good overall.....=D

Soup version......their soup was quite ncie and sweet , but hot stuff just makes me sweat like hell...i just drank 2 spoons....btw ,w e ordered a bowl of fishball soup as well.....they made their own fishballs themselves last time , but not for now....they just take from it wasnt that spongy anymore(fishballs)...

Its located at the junction of hutton lane before turning into new world park.....they have a KFC opposite this coffee house also....beside it was a hotel....not sure with the name though XD

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Joo Hui coffee shop @ Penang Road

Ppl always don bother wat this coffee house called , they just simply call it ' the penang road laksa / penang road cendol ' , feel sorry for the shop owner =( i went there for lunch with my fren.....was quite crowded and the weather is so hot...never wear an extra jacket if u plan to have ur lunch inside the coffee here are some photos :

I requested to that aunty to shoot her stall XP....i asked her to stand beside her stall but she refused even though i praise her 'leng lui' but anyway , shes good enough to let me shoot wat i wan la except for her face....haiz.....

Yum yum assam laksa....sweet and sour taste mixed perfectly well....but my fren complaint that its too spicy =(...i guess this don really suits foreigner's taste buds ei....=P

It was SO crowded that i cant even walk near....aunties are standing i just shot it from far..... :S

The famous cendol in penang.....some feel that its special....but its just some jelly and red beans on some ice (some syrup as well)....nothing special to me...but this works well with the environment inside the coffee shop since i did mentioned up there that its damn hot.....and this thing saves my fren's life from laksa =)...anyway , u need to pay more if u wanna have this cendol inside the coffee house...or else , u will need to stand like those aunties.....XD

Kar Be coffee shop @ Weld Quay, Penang.

Had fish head bee hun soup with my mom as lunch just we went to this coffee shop which located in weld quey....i used to go to this coffee shop at least once every week when i was still in primary school......this is 1 of the best fish head bee hun soup in town....their fish are always fresh and their soup is just superb =)......

Fish head ( or rather fish meat but they call it fish head locally ) bee hun soup......serving was rather small though......

Their deep fried fish.....was damn crunchy and all time favourite =D
Its rather hard to find a if u wanna try this out better don be peak hours(lunch hours).....their price was quite dont worry ( around rm5 per bowl) unless u add something expensive like prawns......

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Canton-i @ queensbay mall

Had lunch with my secondary school teacher , ms chang just now , since she intro a job to me , i need to treat her a sumptuous lunch right =D , so i decided to bring her to this restaurant , quite similarly to dragon-i , canton-i serves hong-kong food , they are under a same organization for ur info(dragon-i and canton-i) there were only 2 of us , so we just ordered a few to try on :

Their famous 'har kau wan ton mee' , the noodles were damn chewy the the prawn dumplings were damn fresh ......the soup was rather sweet as well.....everything is perfect except the price.....its around rm11.90 for their soup-version of wan ton mee( they have dried version as well).....its a bit expensive for wan ton mee at rm12 :S , serving for 1 person is ok , i don think thats enough if u were to share with ur frens....

' Leng yu kau congee' , 'leng yu' is a kind of fish where cantonese always used it to make fishballs....they used ' chan pei'(cantonese) , or 'chen pi' (skin of mandarin oranges) as a kind of ingredient in making these normally ppl used it in making red bean soup....the aromatic of 'chen pi' do helps a lot....but some of u might ignore that smell....its a more personal taste i would say.....the congee was damn smooth...i heard that they used 3 kinds of rice to cook this congee....quite special ei...

Prawn cheong fun.....normal cheong fun which made from rice paste(steamed)...stuff with tons of fresh prawns , they were so crunchy and the sauce was PERFECT , this is the best hong kong chee cheong fun i had b4....price was rm10.90 though

Canton-i layer cake.....nothing special just that i smell coconut milk and salted-eggyolks....this is a dessert by the way

'Pu er cha' aka ' po lei' in flow but rm5 per pax.....i can buy 1 tin if i go for 4 times....=(

Had a lot of chit-chatting with her, we sat there for almost 2 hours , thanks again for introducing me a job , ms chang !!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Island Park coffee shop @ Island park, greenlane.

We went to this coffee shop for dinner just now....its actually just opposite my secondary school...i heard that they renovate it and it actually reopen few days ago , so we decided to have a was damn crowded , the place was packed with cars and i can barely drive through.....the choices of food had increased as are some of our orders :

This is another best wan ton mee in town.....comes with a big portion and their sambal is just superb =)....rating 9/10 for a wan ton mee....XD...i used to eat this whenever i had school activities on saturday morning

Hong Tu mee , the soup was kinda like those starchy 1 in shark fin's well with some vinegar on it.....if u are a shark fin's soup lover , then u will like this 1 as well

Sambal fried rice......very nice but the price was a bit expensive(rm4)....maybe for the shrimps....serving portion was quite big as well....u can taste a very strong flavour of sambal when u chew it in ur mouth......don try this if u don adores spicy food...><

Just shoot from outside as its too crowded inside....anyway , if u are/were a chung hwa student , u should know how much this coffee shop has changed...=D , anyway , they have hokkien mee , char kuey teow , mee goreng , chee cheong fun , roti canai , chu char etc but with limited go there early(b4 7pm) if u wanna have ur dinner there just to avoid congestion